5 essential care for delicate feet

Our feet are one of the most important parts of our body and also one of the most affected every day.
If you have delicate feet it is important to take care of them every day to avoid discomfort or health problems.
The feet carry all the weight of our body during the day, so they are exposed to constant stress that can cause some problems if we do not carry out the proper care.
Also, there really isn't more annoying than aching feet like when we've walked too much on heels or have an annoying blister.

Hygiene first of all

The feet are one of the parts of our body where we need to pay more attention, in terms of hygiene. Because they spend most of their time covered in shoes, they can suffer from extreme sweating, irritation, or bad odor. To avoid these problems, it is not only important to choose good quality shoes, but it is necessary to wash them carefully without neglecting any area.
It is also necessary to dry them carefully to avoid excess humidity: putting on shoes without drying them properly increases the proliferation of fungi and bacteria.

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Beware of hydration!

The feet suffer mainly during the day. A good hydration routine with a specific foot product can avoid problems such as stiffness or cracked heels. If these problems appear, you will suffer from burning and discomfort throughout the day, so it is important to avoid this.

Get a pedicure regularly

Of course, not all of us have the opportunity to go to a beauty center just to apply nail polish. But be careful, even at home to cut your nails often to prevent them from growing too much, especially in winter, when we only wear closed shoes.

Prefer comfortable shoes!

When it comes to buying new shoes, choose a breathable model to avoid sweat build-up. Shoes also need to have a sole that is neither too soft nor too hard. As for the sole, choose one that doesn't too flat, can cause back pain and foot pain Avoid walking too much in heels, it will not only cause pain in the soles of your feet, but can cause long-term back problems.

Exfoliation and massages are essential

To avoid calluses, scrub your feet with a pumice stone or foot file. If you do this regularly, for example twice a week, you will get rid of dead cells and your feet will be healthier and smoother.
If your feet are delicate and, despite the precautions, they hurt you at the end of the day, choose a foot cream and do small massages: also useful in case of circulation problems.

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Here are the products to take care of your feet at home:

Abody foot roll

For feet free of blemishes, calluses and dead skin we recommend this electric roll.
Thanks to its battery, it is wireless, you can use it comfortably anywhere without the need for cables. Its roller has two speeds and offers a dermabrasion capacity that will eliminate all impurities from your feet, without causing any discomfort. Remove all hardened skin so you have healthy and beautiful feet all year round and avoid problems like cracked heels.

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MaxKare foot hydromassage

This product will greatly relax your feet thanks to the massage with hot water and bubbles. Not only does it provide benefits for your feet, it also improves your stress levels by lowering them, will help you fall asleep and is useful in case of circulation problems. Sitting at the end of the day with your feet inside this massager while watching your favorite series or reading a book will become your favorite time of day.

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Zacro pedicure set

For cutting, filing, removing cuticles this pedicure set is perfect. You can also use it to heal your fingernails, it's super complete. Includes 12 high quality stainless steel accessories to do whatever you want with your nails.

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LuckyFine exfoliating socks

To get rid of cuticles and dead skin completely on your feet, try these exfoliating socks. You can stop using harsh chemicals thanks to this product. To obtain an optimal result, simply apply it on the feet and let the product act, without rubbing and without pain. Reduces excessive sweating. Use them twice a month to keep your feet hydrated and soft.

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Ryher natural deodorant

To avoid odors caused by excessive sweating on both feet and shoes we recommend this natural deodorant. Lasts up to two years and is easy to use. Bamboo charcoal removes odors, bacteria and allergens and absorbs moisture. from shoes to prevent the appearance of fungus. Once a month, place them in the sun so that the energy of the bamboo charcoal recharges. It is a 100% natural product.

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