Stop wasting! Here's how to best store your food.

Sometimes we get so hungry that we cook a little more than we should.
In that case, the dinner advances and if we do not have the right containers to store the leftovers, we often find ourselves having to throw away the food to prevent it from getting moldy. What a pain!
Throwing away food is always wrong, the time has come to learn how to store it and recycle leftovers!
Here are the best accessories that will help you store leftovers and say goodbye to waste.

Choose the glass!

The ideal containers for storing food are first of all those made of glass. We put our dishes of the day before, but also desserts, thanks to the small ones, or some fruits or squares of chocolate for the snack.
In fact, with this set of 10 containers (6 square and 4 rectangular), you can store all types of food, but also heat directly in the microwave, oven (up to 400 ° C!), Refrigerator, and are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.
Of course, remember to remove the lids when reheating food in the oven. Certified BPA-free, these containers will take care of all your foods, keep their freshness and flavor for several days, thus avoiding waste.

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To store your children's food

To take care of your baby and have homemade meals at any time of the day, discover these jars, perfect for cooking all kinds of meals for the little ones. If you're short on time, prepare all the meals of the week all at once and keep them in these Philips Avent jars that you can sterilize and reuse indefinitely. Find them in a set of 10 and can be stored in the freezer.
Thanks to their secure closure, don't hesitate to take them everywhere with your baby. You can put them in the freezer, microwave, dishwasher and refrigerator, for fresh food handy and easy to use.
These jars will be perfect for puree of all kinds, compotes, but also soups, some fruits or treats when snack time comes.

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For takeaway meals

But in addition to holding containers over the years, are you also looking for disposable items? They will also be very practical, for example when you have guests and take away the rest of the dinner (without fear of never seeing your container!). Made of solid plastic, these 20 lid containers have two compartments and are ideal for stewed dishes, such as dry pasta, which are very messy. Perfect for the office lunch break!
Although they are disposable, they are reusable to give a little help to the environment. They also go in the dishwasher.

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For snacks and meals of all sizes

If you want storage vessels that are also beautiful, check out this Silley seven-piece plastic batch.
In addition, you can store them one inside the other to maximize space and each lid has its own color. From 0.10 liters to 3.20 liters, do not hesitate to safely store and transport meals of all sizes, but also small ones. Snacks. Resistant, they go in the microwave, freezer and dishwasher. Withstands up to 110 ° C. Perfectly airtight, they will keep all food fresh for several days. No need to throw away the food, the remains of the day before will still be succulent.

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For food purchased in bulk

In many supermarkets you can buy bulk food by weight, very useful for saving and eco-friendly.
If you often buy bulk food (nuts, grains, and many other foods), these 5 containers are for you. They can also contain flour, sugar, spices ... without the risk of leaks. If you place them on a wooden shelf in your kitchen, it will be a great touch of elegance. Very practical spout for pouring cereals in the morning, even when you are still sleepy. Savings for the whole family.


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