How to fight cellulite without going to the beautician

Summer is coming and the swimsuit test is almost upon us. We can no longer procrastinate: the much-hated cellulite must go! Of course, easier said than done, but still not impossible as a mission.

What you need to know to succeed - and that many women ignore - is that cellulite is a progressive disease that, if not treated correctly, tends to worsen over time until it becomes irreversible: for this reason it is important not to neglect it.

But don't worry, below you can find the right rules to put into practice to fight cellulite in the right way and show off an enviable silhouette.

Ready to take note?

What Causes Cellulite? Myths and legends to dispel!

Cellulite is often confused and associated with excess body fat and it is therefore thought that it can be reduced with a diet. In reality, cellulite is not excess fat but an inflammation of the adipose tissue (therefore of the fat cells) caused by a problem with microcirculation that affects both thin and overweight girls alike.

From the age of 18 onwards, due to a drop in estrogen, our microcirculation tends to lose effectiveness - especially in the lower limbs - and is no longer able to "clean" the cells from metabolic waste. These cells will therefore tend to become inflamed and more and more "swollen" until they "squeeze" against the connective tissue forming the dreaded orange peel effect. Knowing that the real cause of cellulite is circulatory insufficiency allows you to design a 360 ° action plan aimed at restoring - and maintaining - the functionality of the microcirculation.

Below we show you the main steps to follow to say goodbye to cellulite without necessarily having to resort to expensive treatments.

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1. Choose the right foods for your circulation

If it is true that cellulite cannot be reduced with a diet, it is equally true that there are foods that can negatively affect the microcirculation and therefore favor its formation.

Salt should be reduced as much as possible, in particular the common refined cooking salt, preferring in case the whole sea salt that can be found in every supermarket. The pink one from the Himalayas is very valuable because it contains all 84 trace elements found in nature, while the refined one contains only 2: chlorine and sodium - hence the name sodium chloride. Other substances to be avoided as much as possible are sugar and alcohol, especially spirits.

On the other hand, there are foods that can promote detoxification of the cells and therefore a better functioning of the microcirculation. Certainly indicated are ginger and lemon for their anti-inflammatory virtues: you can combine them creating a fresh and tasty DIY herbal tea to drink every day.

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2. Do the right physical activity (but beware of mistakes!)

In addition to nutrition, we are well aware of the fundamental role that physical activity plays in keeping us toned, elastic and in shape. Not all sports, however, bring the same benefits and only some are particularly suitable if our primary purpose is to fight cellulite.

The first thing you need to know is that running, unlike what many think, is definitely not a good workout for cellulite. It is excellent for losing weight but can even worsen cellulite as repeated impacts with the soil cause microlacerations to the membranes of fat cells which, in the long run, can lead to inflammation of the adipose tissue.

In addition, running leads to the formation of lactic acid, a metabolite that contributes to the formation of toxins (which if you remember are one of the causes of cellulite), with negative effects on oxygenation and circulation.

In reality, training for cellulite must aim to stimulate lymphatic return and microcirculation of the legs and consequently the two essential exercises of each routine are squats and lunges (in all their variants).

Sports in contact with water are also excellent, such as water aerobics because, in addition to making you burn calories and tone you up in the right places, it allows you to enjoy the benefits of an effective and very pleasant lymphatic massage.

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If you have little time to devote to sports outside the home, do not think that the topic does not touch you ... Here is a series of exercises to do comfortably within the four walls aimed precisely at fighting cellulite!

3. Reactivate your microcirculation with the combined action of these three products

Until now, anti-cellulite cosmetics (creams, muds, etc.) have limited themselves to acting on the effects of cellulite, improving the appearance of the skin, but without bringing significant benefits to microcirculation (the only way to restore cells to perfect health and dispose of toxins).

For a couple of years, however, the market for do-it-yourself anti-cellulite remedies has been "revolutionized" by anti-cellulite cups, thanks to their ability to reactivate the venous and lymphatic microcirculation and oxygenate the tissues, reducing inflammation and dissolving heaps adiposis by lipolysis. The first product is the SlimCup cup which, thanks to its Skin Pull-UP effect, helps to effectively fight cellulite.

The new gold legs cycle is a treatment that involves the combination of the anti-cellulite cup with two other products that work in synergy for an even more efficient result.

Specifically, the treatment is based on the combination of these 3 key tools:
- SlimCup, the easy-to-use silicone cup which, thanks to its Skin Pull-UP effect, removes the circulatory "blocks" that cause the formation of cellulite, freeing the cells from metabolic waste and dissolving the adipose heaps on the hips, buttocks and legs ;
- Cellu-Oil, an oil with a specific formulation for cellulite based on Brazilian Pink Pepper extract that promotes microcirculation, and whose viscosity is excellent for promoting cupping, activating a "lipolytic" effect;
- CaReThea, an anti-cellulite cream based on caffeine and retinol, with a triple anti-cellulite, anti-fatigue and anti-fat deposits action.

The right routine involves first the massage with Cellu-Oil and the use of the SlimCup cup and then - preferably within 30 minutes - the application of the cream in an energetic way with circular movements from the bottom up.

4. Drink, drink, drink ...

To eliminate water retention, allow the correct and regular disposal of waste and keep the skin hydrated and supple, water is always a fundamental component - and often overlooked.

If you really can't get to the liter and a half (even two) daily, help yourself with herbal teas (unsweetened) and fruit and vegetable extracts rich in antioxidants and vitamins. The draining effect is guaranteed and this will help you effectively in your fight against the orange peel.

The extra tip: start the day with a nice glass of warm water and lemon juice on an empty stomach: it has an excellent detox effect and helps the elimination of liquids.

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5. Avoid tight-fitting clothes and high heels

There are some items of clothing and accessories that contribute to poor blood circulation by creating an environment conducive to cellulite: skinny jeans or leggings are among the biggest defendants.
Comfortable, of course, perfect both for the day with a pair of sneakers and for the evening, with a blazer, but unfortunately also perfect allies for cellulite.
When clothing is too tight - and we also talk about tight belts - blood circulation is obstructed, promoting water retention and cellulite on the legs and buttocks.

A valid alternative, especially during the summer, are skirts, wide and fluffy dresses or the timeless and always elegant palazzo trousers, perfect for the cold season but also available in lighter fabrics for spring-summer.

When we talk about clothing we cannot fail to mention high heels, especially if worn for hours and hours in a row. Specifically, the vertiginous heels unbalance the posture, not favoring the blood circulation of the leg. The ideal heel to be slim anyway without promoting cellulite? Not more than 3 centimeters.

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