5 ways to tell if a guy is single without asking him

You know a group of cute guys on the beach, do you approach them but can't figure out if the one you are interested in is already busy or single? Indeed often, especially on vacation, many prefer to imply that they are single, even if they are not. How can you figure out if you have the green light and save yourself an unpleasant rejection? How can you ensure a pleasant and beneficial kiss at sunset? Find out with us how, but first see why kissing is so good:

1. Pay attention to details

Let's start with "ABC: check his finger! Often you will already find all the answers, if he is seriously engaged, he will have a ring, whether it is a wedding ring or a wedding ring. Then he observes even if by chance he does not have a ring as a pendant hanging from his neck, a tattoo with the name of a woman (and we hope for you that it is not the mother), or various clues of belonging to a couple.

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2. Control of social profiles

Once you know the name of the lucky one, it is a must to find him on all social networks. Traces of a girlfriend are very rarely absent on social networks. To be sure, also check comments, jokes from friends, likes and older photos Not everyone likes to flaunt their private life on social media, but it is almost impossible not to leave any trace of a girlfriend.

3. Random questions

Cunning is a fundamental weapon when you want to discover something. The questions you ask him should casually focus on general topics but aimed at finding out more about him: "what do you do in life?", "And so on weekends how do you prefer to relax?", "What do you do this summer?" . If he has a woman, he will easily come up with these generic speeches, which allow you to investigate without arousing suspicion.

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4. Interrogation of friends

There are more direct questions that it is not appropriate to ask the person concerned, but not even to friends. We advise you never to be explicit with his friends, they are still friends of him and therefore would have no reason to protect you. You can ask who is engaged in the group during a conversation, or introduce the topic by mentioning a girlfriend friend, an anecdote about your ex, or similar. Don't show too much curiosity.

5. Watch your eyes

If you are a woman you will not lack the instinct, and if you have the instinct you already know from the eyes of a man and, from the way he looks at you, if he has an "interest in you. This interest obviously is not synonymous with a single man, but it might be a good clue in the direction you are hoping for.And all in all, if a man's eyes tell you he wants you, who are you to say no?

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After finding out if he's single, find out if he's the right man for you! Here's how:

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