How to have smooth skin with an even complexion: 5 steps to do it!

You have often wondered how to achieve smooth, smooth skin and an even complexion. It is in fact an apparently rather complicated question for us women, but which can be satisfied with great ease. How? smooth and even skin without too much effort.

Showing off a smooth complexion with an even complexion is in fact one of the main requirements to feel beautiful and at ease with yourself, at any age. We women know this well, and that's why we go to great lengths to try and succeed. The skin of the face, moreover, reveals our state of health and is a spy of our inner well-being, therefore it becomes even more fundamental to dedicate the right care to it. But how to do it? With a few beauty tips and healthy lifestyle habits, it can be done quite easily.

Below you can find 5 simple but super effective moves to do every day to show off a smooth skin with an even complexion!

1. Dedicate yourself to a correct beauty routine (morning and evening)

Let's start first from a fundamental corollary: to have a smooth and smooth skin, it is necessary to dedicate a thorough daily cleaning, morning and evening. Any other move apart from this simple but of primary importance gesture, however effective it may be, will not give the desired results nor will it actually help our skin to be radiant, smooth and uniform.

One of the most important skincare gestures is undoubtedly washing the skin of the face in the morning, before proceeding with the application of serums, creams and make-up. Avoiding drying with rough towels is another winning move to avoid irritating. the skin of the face and protect it from any redness. Instead, prefer a delicate fabric cloth with which you will gently pat every part of your face. Then proceed with the application of the most suitable creams and products according to your skin type.

If the cleaning that precedes the morning make-up is of fundamental importance, remember that perhaps even more so is that of the evening. That's right: removing make-up is a "sacred habit that must never be skipped, even if you come back late and your only desire is to get under the covers as soon as possible. Eliminating makeup residues, pollution and dead cells is a gesture. essential to not irritate the skin, protect it from pimples and marks and make it more beautiful, smoother and smoother. Also in this case, the most suitable night creams for you and your skin type will follow.

In addition to the beauty routine gestures to be applied consistently, morning and evening, remember that at least once a week you should dedicate yourself to a more thorough cleansing of the face. Like? With a scrub, you can also do it yourself - like the one we propose in the following video - or a more delicate exfoliant, if you have particularly sensitive and redness-prone skin. Even masks, if chosen according to the type of skin you have, can be an excellent solution to deeply cleanse your face and give it a brighter and smoother skin.

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2. Don't forget the right foundation for an even complexion

And now we come to an often sore point, but fundamental to obtain a smooth complexion with an even complexion: the choice of foundation. Sometimes no particular attention is paid to what is in fact an essential component of makeup and which, from being the perfect ally of our skin, can unfortunately turn into its first enemy. But how to choose it correctly to enhance the skin of the face and make it more beautiful and smoother? First of all, it must be said that if you want to show off a smooth skin with an even complexion, the fluid foundation is undoubtedly the best choice.

Dermablend Fluid Foundation in particular, can do for us. It is in fact the corrective make-up with high coverage without Vichy mask effect, able to cover imperfections and discontinuities, and give a smooth and uniform effect, without being in any way heavy. Its texture, fluid and moisturizing, lasts for over 16 hours and gives a covering and light effect at the same time, with an opaque finish with anti-shine properties.

It is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive, and contains 25% pure pigments, as well as a sun protection factor of 25, an indispensable feature for keeping skin young and in good condition and preventing wrinkles. signs of aging and stains.

To show off a smooth skin with an even complexion, it is then of fundamental importance to choose the right color. But how is it done? An easy way not to go wrong is to try the foundation under the wrist, because it represents the color closest to the skin of the face. In fact, remember that for a natural and covering effect at the right point, it is necessary to choose the foundation that is closest to the tone of our skin or, possibly, of a lighter tone. Absolutely avoid a foundation that is too dark, because this would emphasize, rather than cover, any type of imperfection, from blemishes, to enlarged pores, to wrinkles, lines and expression lines.

3. Choose a "correct diet."

But the beauty routine gestures, although essential, are not enough to guarantee our skin a healthy, luminous and uniform appearance. It is also necessary to act from the inside, starting first of all from the table. Choosing a varied and balanced diet, rich in fruit, vegetables, fiber and whole grains is in fact a real panacea for our body, but also for the health of our skin .

In the gallery below you can find a series of foods that are friendly to our skin, able to contribute to giving it a more beautiful and smoother appearance. But remember that a good rule of thumb to stay healthy is to vary your diet as much as possible, as well as drink at least 2 liters of water a day and do constant physical activity.

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4. Ensure a continuous sleep of at least 7 hours per night

Another essential gesture for the health of our skin is to ensure a continuous rest every night of at least 7-8 hours. Especially with the passing of the years, fatigue and stress have a strong influence on the health of our skin, among the first organs to be affected by an uneventful and excessively hectic lifestyle.

Ensuring our body a continuous and undisturbed sleep of at least 7 hours a night is in fact a real cure-all for our skin, as well as an unbeatable move to show fewer years and stay younger. In general, staying away from stress and carving out time for yourself to devote to activities, passions or simple relaxation helps to show off a brighter and healthier appearance, as well as a smoother and more rested skin.

5. Avoid smoking and make sure you spend time outdoors

For an even complexion and a top skin it is then necessary to stay away from smoke. Cigarettes, in addition to hurting our body, make the skin of the face dull and dull, contributing to the early appearance of the first signs of age.

Then make sure you spend time outdoors at any time of the year - with proper sun protection in moments of intense sunshine: being outdoors and not staying too long indoors and in stale air helps. in fact to keep yourself healthier, and your skin will also gain in brightness. Furthermore, in this way you guarantee your body the right amount of Vitamin D.

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