Change of wardrobe season: 5 tricks to have a perfect wardrobe!

The world is divided into people who are orderly and who find what they are looking for at the first try and people from the creative order: they believe they have everything under control and yet they just can't remember where the hell the shirt of that concert they are at has gone. go in 2009 and it would look divinely with the look they chose for tomorrow.
Not to mention what happens in their bag ...

APOI, the Association of Professional Organizers Italy and vente-privee, give us some valuable tips to save closet: here are what!

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1. Let go of the superfluous

In every wardrobe there are garments that we are sure we will never wear again and yet, to the cry of "everything old will be new again", we turn into compulsive hoarders and we can't get rid of that" Union Jack dress, the one we wore in the 1998 carnival.
We agree with you regarding Geri Halliwell's outfit, but are you really sure you want to keep all the clothes from when you went to college?
There are lots of associations to donate them to!

2. Organize what's left

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Does it ever happen that you have to take a sweater that, however, has camouflaged itself among the T-shirts which in turn have camouflaged among the trousers and that to get the sweater we find ourselves having to iron (again) about 12 different garments?
The advice, in this case, is to divide the clothes into categories: at the beginning of the wardrobe will go the ones you wear most often. It would be better to stack them according to their purpose, sweatshirts with sweatshirts, shirts with shirts and so on ... In this way you will almost never have any nasty surprises!

3. The sky is your only limit

Ok, probably in this case the ceiling will also be the limit, but think vertically. By adding the possibility of inserting hangers in the wardrobe, you will make the most of the space and you can also insert jackets and dresses in the wardrobe.
Not to mention, moreover, that in this way you will have averted the risk of unpleasant wrinkles that you could run into at the moment of greatest need ...

4. Divide and conquer

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The Latins said it because in war, in love and when it comes to wardrobes, everything is lawful. Equip yourself with convenient dividers so you don't risk having drawers that invoke mercy and socks that, probably, will never have the chance to find your sweetheart!

5. Optimize all optimizable

There are objects that take up a lot of space, just think of duvets and duvets which, by themselves, take up almost half of the wardrobe. To overcome this problem, try using vacuum bags. These are bags of various sizes which, thanks with the help of a simple vacuum cleaner, they allow you to have a freer wardrobe without giving up your essential items.

After all, unfortunately, not all of us have walk-in wardrobes like theirs ...

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