How to have thicker hair: 7 strategies for thick and resistant hair!

If you have thin and sparse hair, you will undoubtedly want to show off a thicker and more resistant hair: know that this is possible. With some small precautions and the right strategies, you can in fact have thicker and thicker hair without too much effort and in a completely natural way. Like? We explain it below, but before proceeding with the reading, you should know that the passage of time can cause a progressive thinning of the capillary mass, which therefore affects all types of hair, even those already thick and particularly thick. To prevent the phenomenon of loss of volume and density due to the passage of time and to show off a flowing and healthy hair, it would be good to dedicate the right care and attention to your hair. Hair thinning in women does not only concern the decrease in the amount of hair, but also the loss of density, volume and quality of the hair: the hair decreases, the scalp is less covered and the hair appears duller and more frizzy, with a greater tendency to break. This is why the behaviors and tricks that we recommend below are indicated both for those who have fine and sparse hair and need more volume and for those who want to prevent unwanted changes in the hair structure and provide to make it strong for as long as possible. So here are 7 specific moves to make constantly to have thicker and more resistant hair!


1. Don't wash your hair too often!

For a thick and healthy hair, you do not have to subject it to daily washing, as this will greatly weaken the hair. In fact, the scalp spontaneously produces natural oils that act as a protective barrier against external agents and environmental factors, which would be decidedly compromised with daily or too frequent washing. The ideal would be to wash your hair 2 or 3 times a week; if you have oily skin, you can go up to 4 times, but take care not to overdo it.

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2. Use the right products!

Another rule not to be underestimated: choose the right products. A shampoo indicated in combination with an equally effective conditioner can really do a lot in terms of increasing the volume of the hair, especially for those with fine hair. If used constantly, they can benefit the structure and yield of the hair. Specifically, Vichy has created a range of products for fine or thinned hair, designed to restore density to the hair and thickness to the fiber, restoring volume. It is Dercos Densi-Solutions and consists of three products: a concentrated hair mass multiplier treatment and a shampoo and conditioner that regenerates thickness, both designed to increase the volume and thickness of the hair, making it thick.

The shampoo acts on the scalp by cleansing and purifying the hair from the root, while the conditioner helps to give texture to the fiber. The combined action of both products finally allows to give greater volume to the hair, which will therefore be even more dense.

Dercos Densi Solutions

3. Avoid rubbing your hair to dry it

When washing your hair, then avoid rubbing it with the towel to free it from water: this could stress them excessively and weaken them, especially if you have fine and particularly fragile hair. Instead, use a wide-toothed comb and pass it along the lengths, then dab gently with the towel without rubbing.

4. Blow your hair upside down

To make your hair thicker and thicker, you can also use this simple technique: dry your hair upside down to create more volume at the root. But take care not to keep the hair dryer too close, so as to direct the heat more evenly over the entire hair and avoid damaging the hair.


5. Use a wide-toothed comb and avoid the brush

As already mentioned, the ideal for you is a wide-toothed comb: therefore prefer it to the brush - decidedly more aggressive - pass it gently and slowly over all lengths, taking care to undo the knots with the same delicacy, avoiding breaking hair and ruining the foliage.

6. Choose the right hairsyle to give more volume

Another fundamental aspect is to choose the right styling that gives a natural volumizing effect, making the hair thicker and more fluffy. In this sense, here are some small style rules for reference:

  • you prefer wavy and wavy harstyles
  • Do not choose hairstyles that are too tight and pulled: they can be more aggressive for the hair and break the hair more easily, as well as not guaranteeing any volume
  • messy styles are also ideal, deliberately messy and imperfect, which give greater volume precisely because they are less tight and looser
  • Avoid super straight hair: they will have a spaghetti effect and you will not get a slight increase in volume in any way. Instead, opt for the natural disheveled or the non-perfect smooth

Here is an example of an ideal hairstyle to choose if your intent is to make your hair thicker and thicker: beachwaves, delicate and natural waves, perfect for any occasion and able to move your hair, making it fuller and more flowing. In the following video you can see how they are made and the effect you will get. Perfect for a fluffier look and a less flat rendering, don't you think?

7. Choose the right cut!

Even the cut, just like the styling, can greatly affect the performance of your hair. Choosing the right hairstyle is in fact essential to avoid showing off too much fine and flat hair. Below you can find a wide selection of hairstyles perfect for those who want to make their hair thicker, thicker and naturally voluminous. The choice is yours!

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