How to dress to stretch the upper body

Do you have the upper body relative to the legs? First, look on the bright side: your legs are long and slender and it's really easy to enhance them! But if you want to look more proportionate, you just need a few simple rules to follow to visually lengthen the bust and give harmony to your figure.

To make your torso look longer, you need to shift the proportions of your body i.e., highlighting your torso line and making your legs optically shorter.

With these simple stylistic tricks you can visibly change the way you look.

1. Choose the average life!

High-waisted trousers and skirts are currently in fashion: all women whose upper body is a little shorter should, however, focus on the mid-waist to recalibrate the length of the bust! much better The upper body automatically appears longer when the waist is visibly shifted lower.

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Style tip: Roll the hem of the pants slightly. Pleated pants or 7/8 style will make the legs shorter. This creates a balance between the upper and lower body.

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2. Matching outfits, oversized sweaters

Not only the cut, but also the color of your clothes affects whether your upper body looks shorter or longer. Try to avoid too obvious contrasts that visually create a break that makes the upper body even shorter. Better to choose an upper and lower part that are not so different in color.

Styling tip: don't put the top in your pants! This makes the legs long, but at the same time shortens the torso. Let your shirt or sweater hang casually.
Even a one-piece like a jumpsuit, stretches the upper body longer, because it doesn't break the figure.

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3. Super sexy with a V-neck!

Another trick to deceive the upper body visually a little more are V-neck jackets, shirts and sweaters: the deeper, the better. The V-neck enhances the upper body optically particularly in length.

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4. Prefer vertical lines

Anything that goes vertically is ideal for women who want to visually lengthen their upper body. Shirts with vertical stripes are perfect for spring and summer! Dresses with a continuous row of buttons are also perfect. If you choose a solid color shirt, you shouldn't combine it with a pair of trousers or a vertical striped skirt. Because this emphasizes your long legs even more by unbalancing the figure.

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5. Straight and long dresses

The dresses and tops that have a straight cut uniform and slim the figure. Slip dresses, for example, are perfect because they lengthen the upper body and legs at the same time.

The maxi dress should fall freely on the body and should not be stopped by a belt even if this highlights the waist.
The pleated dresses are also perfect!

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