How to buy a real BB cream?

BB cream has become a phenomenon in recent years! The meaning of the abbreviation BB is "blemish balm": they are therefore creams that in addition to being good for your skin also cover small imperfections. Cosmetic and make-up together, very comfortable! And in fact its success is such that the market is full of proposals… some not too reliable But don't worry, we will explain how to recognize an original BB cream!

The consistency

First, a real one BB cream necessarily has a dense coverage and consistency. We insist on this: true BB cream is rich, offers beautiful coverage and intense hydration. A fluid, liquid cream with a slight coloring is, of course, a low-cost version of the real product.

Another thing that characterizes the real BB cream is the tint: the best brands offer a variable range of skin tones, so you can choose the one that is most compatible with your complexion. Beware of creams that tend to orange or yellow tones. . None of us want to have a face like Trump's!

Remember that this type of cream is more focused on skin care instead of being a real foundation. So you don't have to apply it all over your face. Its consistency must be dense, yet light, easy to spread and efficient in covering imperfections. Think that the BB cream is a moisturizing, protective cream that works as in "corrective and luminous veil".

It is not complicated to test the effectiveness of a BB cream: just spread a small amount of the cream in your hand. If you feel the moisturizer, with a good and delicate coverage and the tint adapts perfectly to your skin without demarcation you are good to go!

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The hue

As mentioned before, it is essential to find a brand that offers different shades, but beware: too many shades available can be an alarm bell. This means that perhaps the cream is not of excellent quality and therefore the coverage of the foundation must compensate for the problem. The main feature of the real BB cream is hydration and the ability to cover the imperfections of the skin of the face without filling it with makeup.

True BB cream usually offers 3 color choices because regardless of your skin tone, the cream blends perfectly with your complexion and adapts easily to any skin type. This is his secret!

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Its functions

The main function is hydration. Being a skin care product, BB cream has a real moisturizing power and goes beyond a simple tinted cream: its texture is thick, similar to a balm that intensely nourishes the skin and protects it throughout the day, making it healthy and bright.

In addition, a self-respecting BB cream also offers UV protection (usually SPF 30) and camouflages redness, inflammation and other small skin imperfections, creating a clean and natural result. And this in an invisible way.

Other benefits? The BB cream makes your skin velvety and luminous, it can have the function of a primer, because it creates a more hydrated and uniform base for the application of daily make-up. And this is the secret to always having a healthy complexion and lasting make-up. .


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