Hair color 2019: top colors and trends of autumn winter!

The hair colors of the autumn winter 2018-2019 are ready to amaze us with original and super cool tints and trends capable of enhancing every type of hair and face. There is undoubtedly something for everyone in terms of colors in this winter 2019, even if the must-haves of the season prefer natural and homogeneous colors, thus recording a "trend reversal compared to the latest trends of the past, which have always promoted dynamic and multifaceted colors, the result of shatush and rich and vibrant shades, on the tips as well as on the lengths with lots of regrowth in sight.

The real trend of winter 2019 will in fact be focusing everything on one's natural color, enhancing it to the fullest with a version as homogeneous as possible. This does not mean that lightening and shatush will be completely forgotten, they are simply appreciated in a more delicate and gradual variant. , which still enhances the original natural color and does not distort it excessively. You will therefore have understood right away that the key word for autumn / winter 2018-2019 in terms of hair will be sobriety: uniform and natural colors with a refined charm and " sober allure that aim not so much to shock as to amaze with class and elegance. So forget the excesses and choose the size if you really want to be trendy this autumn winter.

But now let's talk about colors. After years and years that have rewarded tiger eye, bronde and brown-blond warm and rich in golden shades, here is that the real king of autumn winter is preparing to become the dark brown, especially in the homogeneous version. There will however also be room for light browns, but better if natural and not enriched with too visible veins and gold shades. Among the blondes, it will be the light blond that prevails, especially in the colder shades, such as butter blond, the true cult color of autumn winter among blonde girls. Even the red, both in the variant tending to orange and in that of the cherry nuance, conquers a special place this winter.

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But before delving into the world of the coolest colors of autumn winter, here are 5 little golden rules that can guide you in choosing the color that best suits you, helping you to show off a screaming color!

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Here are all the hair colors of the autumn winter 2018-2019 from which to be inspired for an original and fashionable hair!

The undisputed color of 2019: dark brown!

Brown has been living on income for several seasons now, being a much loved and versatile color, always ready for new reinterpretations. In this winter of 2019, however, the brown color destined to depopulate will be the dark brown, proposed in the very shiny and intense version, possibly without streaks and shatush. It is a strong color with character, perfect both with diaphanous faces and with olive complexions, able to enhance the colors of the face and create fascinating and chic contrasts. As we said, the 2019 hair fashion appreciates it above all in the homogeneous version: a warm and bright mocha color, which maintains its intensity from the root to the tips, without turning off the tones and giving in to lightening.

You can opt for dark brown, the color of coffee, or choose one of the warmer and less decisive shades, such as chocolate, perfect for those with a face with warm colors. The dark brown, on the other hand, sees its best enhancement with light complexions and cold colors, creating a mix of contrasts with a highly chic effect.

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The brown of Meghan Markle, the real gem of autumn winter for blackberries!

The more listening lovers of warmer and more vibrant colors, will be able to indulge in a truly "royal" color, destined to become popular in the cold season. We are talking about cinnamon hot chocolate, the warm brown chosen by Meghan Markle. It is always a brown. dark animated, however, by light cinnamon-colored veins, which creates a harmonious and dense color, very similar to the intense color of hot chocolate.

Perfect for those who sport an olive complexion and warm colors, this vibrant brown with delicate shades is able to move the hair a little, and focuses its cinnamon-colored light effects especially on ends and lengths, keeping the root on decisive tones. of the mocha.

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Hair color 2019: the classic warm brown, chestnut color is back!

If the king of hair fashion is dark brown, however, it must be admitted that even a "other shade of this fascinating color conquers a special place in this autumn winter 2018-2019. We are talking about the classic brown, the warm shade of chestnut color. , appreciated above all in its homogeneous and uniform variant. C "is however also placed for some luminous reflections, preferably light and concentrated only on the lengths, which turn on hazelnut and caramel shades or on the brighter shades of copper.

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The light browns will not have much space in the hair fashion of winter 2019, if not in the uniform version and not too warmed up by golden-blonde shatush or bronze shades. The tiger eye, so loved in recent seasons, will take a break and give up the placed in more refined and homogeneous shades of blond brown or ash.

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Dark brown and mauve, the most chic mix for autumn winter 2018-2019

Dark brown is also appreciated in an eccentric and original mix, the one with mauve, with which it gives rise to dark mauve, one of the most glamorous shades of last year, still among the coolest hair fashion choices of autumn winter.

It is a color with a dark brown base that is enriched with purplish reflections in a uniform way, thus covering the entire hair and creating a magnetic and decisive shade at the same time. Suitable for those who want to experiment a little and are not satisfied. of the classic brown or an excessively traditional color, the dark mauve is perfect for those who want to amaze with character and a small dose of eccentricity, without exaggerating.

Those who always want a touch of magnetism on the hair but prefer to stay on lighter and more delicate tones, can opt for mauve brown or chocolate mauve, a sort of lighter dark mauve, which includes mauve shades, especially on the lengths, to starting with a chocolate base. The result is a more delicate and less uniform variant of dark mauve, but still super glam and original, perfect for those who want to move their brown with class.

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These types of colors that focus all on shades and reflections are perfect with a wavy type of styling, from which they are enhanced to the maximum. In fact, the waves allow you to create further chromatic games, emphasizing the nuances and making them even more bright and vibrant. Here in the video that follows a simple tutorial to create natural and delicate waves to best enhance your hair color!

Light blonde is the coolest blonde shade of winter 2019!

Together with the dark brown, it is the light blond that prevails in terms of hair colors in winter 2019. That's right: it will be the cold and very light blondes - almost touching the ice and platinum shades - to dominate the color trends of the season. winter.
Also in this case, it is better to choose solid and solid colors and avoid mélange or degradé effects, much less cool this season.

But which are the most fashionable blondes of winter 2019?

First of all the butter blond, an ultra chic shade, perfect with faces with light and pink complexions, less so with olive skins and dark complexions. The blond butter is then ideal for medium-short cuts or ultra short bobs and is one of the coolest and most trendy colors, also chosen by the most famous celebrities in the world.

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Ice blonde. The ice blonde color is undoubtedly a very courageous choice and one of the most fashionable of the winter 2019. It is a cold shade, bordering on white, but indicated only if you have a lunar complexion with a cold undertone. To be avoided altogether instead, if you have olive skin and warm undertones. This glacial and highly chic color is enhanced to the maximum with very short or long bob cuts, preferably accompanied by a middle or side parting, one of the coolest hairstyles of the season. .

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Beige hair or nude hair: a shade of ash blonde with a cold soul, slightly enlivened by brighter lightening, concentrated only on the lengths without touching the root. The result is however a natural blonde perfect for those starting from an ash base and wants to give a touch of liveliness to the hair, reviving its original color but without deviating too much. Also in this case, the perfect mix is ​​achieved with clear faces and pink and not too olive complexions.

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The trendiest reds according to the hair fashion of autumn winter 2018-2019

Even lovers of red can rest assured: winter 2019 also rewards the most sensual color ever. There are two red hues in particular that will dominate the season: on the one hand the red that tends to orange - bright and warm - from the "on the other hand, the cherry red, more decisive and intense, perfect especially if combined with faces with a diaphanous complexion.

The reds that recall the colors of spices are the true fashion colors of winter 2018-2019, with shades that trace the nuances of turmeric and cinnamon, up to pink pepper and cayenne pepper, also loved by the stars.

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Hair colors 2019: the craziest colors of autumn winter!

For women who love to dare, go ahead with neon colors and super fashion bright colors. Pastel colors have momentarily retired and give way to green, blue - preferably electric - and fuchsia. However, pinks continue to be appreciated in all their thousand shades, especially by those who want a touch of eccentricity without exaggerating.

These crazy colors are perfect in combination with short cuts or classic bob, better if at par and with parting in the middle, the top hairstyle of the hair fashion of winter 2019!