Hair coloring: how to choose the right color for a bright and natural color!

When you need to cover the first white hair or you just want to change color by adding some bright reflections, there is only one thing to do: dye.
But not all colors are the same, capable at the same time of perfectly masking whites and giving luminous reflections with a natural result.

Below you can find useful tips to choose the perfect hair color for you and make the most of your hair and face. But first, you need a good starting point: healthy and well-groomed hair. If yours is dry, check out this video how to make a "great homemade nourishing mask with a few simple ingredients."

For a perfect color, choose the right product!

The first step is undoubtedly to choose a valid and safe product that allows you to obtain a perfect color. There are many do-it-yourself products on the market and navigating through the myriad of products on offer can be difficult. On the other hand, buying the right product will allow you to get the result you want without any nasty surprises!

With Excellence Crème by L "Oréal Paris you are sure not to go wrong. This line of permanent dye covers 100% of white hair and boasts 34 different shades: from the most precious blondes to the most refined mahogany, up to the warmest browns and the most auburn shades. intense. All the shades allow each woman to reveal the color of her personality, reviving the brilliance of the natural tone, but always paying attention to the care of the hair. Indeed, Excellence Crème offers a triple treatment that makes the moment of coloring an "opportunity" to take care of your hair.

The Protective Coloring Cream, based on Pro-Keratin, protects the hair while coloring it, thus favoring the long-lasting hold of the color. The Sweet Ph Shampoo gently cleanses the scalp and lengths, removing excess color and leaving the hair soft and luminous. Finally, the Light Nourishing Mask nourishes the hair without weighing it down. The result? Soft, shiny, intensely nourished hair and a rich, natural color.

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How to choose the right color for your hair!

To get a natural result that suits you well, it is not enough to know what your favorite color is. Before deciding what color to dye your hair, you will need to consider several factors, including the undertone of your skin, the natural color of your hair, and the color of your eyes. These are in fact, fundamental aspects that you should take into account to obtain an ideal result that best enhances your face and your colors.

So let's see a series of tips from which to be inspired in choosing the right hair color for you!

Check the color of your skin

The first step is undoubtedly to identify the undertone of your skin and thus determine if you have a complexion with warm or cool colors. A foolproof method to find out? Check the veins. That's right, the color of the veins - and specifically, the predominance of blue or green veins - can help you tell if your skin tone is warm or cool.
Go out into an outer space, turn your hands with palms facing up and look at your wrists. Try to understand what the color of the veins looks like through the skin.

If your veins have a blue tint, it does not mean that you are of noble blood, but that the background color of your skin is cold, on the contrary, if the color of the veins seems to have a green tint, it means that the background color of the your skin is warm. This is the starting point to then proceed with the list of the most suitable colors to choose from to obtain a top result.

Those who have skin with cold undertones - which generally correspond to a diaphanous complexion, white or pink, and in any case tending to pink tones - should prefer decisive and equally cold tones, which thus enhance the starting colors by creating fascinating mix of contrast . For women with lunar or porcelain skin, for example, reds, jet black or cold and icy blond are among the most suitable colors that promise a truly chic result. Women with dark skin but with cold undertones can instead opt for a strong dark brown, with mocha shades and more intense brown-blacks.

On the other hand, those with warm undertones - and therefore tending to yellow rather than pink - should focus on warm and golden colors. From warm chocolate, to golden brown and caramel, to coppery red. For the lighter ones, always with warm undertones, the most suitable are the various light browns, honey blondes - and in general all blondes with golden shades rather than cold or ice - and reds with golden reflections.

Now that you have a clearer idea about the colors that will enhance you, let's move on to analyze other aspects to get closer to the perfect hair color for you.


Consider the color of your eyes

The color of the eyes and that of the hair go hand in hand, it is therefore essential to take this into consideration as much as that of the skin in choosing the right color.

If your eye color is dark brown, the shades of dark browns and intense dark browns will give you a lot. For example, try a coffee color and you will get a refined and super chic result.

With hazel eyes, perhaps even with green veins, the ideal color is a warm golden brown, a caramel or a brighter honey color.

Light green eyes go best with cold colors, while dark green or warm green ones recall warm and bright colors. Here then, cold and ashy blondes, dark browns or intense reds for the first case, and golden or copper browns and warm blondes for the second.

If, on the other hand, your eye color is blue or gray, the ideal will be a hair color with cooler shades, such as ash, cool blond or dark browns.

Do you also want to revise the cut after the color?

Now that you have obtained the desired color if you also want to renew your look with a trendy cut, which enhances your face, but which does not involve a clean cut of the lengths, look at the most beautiful cuts for long hair in this gallery. You will surely find what suits you best.

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