Relaxed neck skin affected by the signs of aging? Here are the cures and remedies

The neck, unfortunately, is one of the first parts of the body to reveal the signs of aging. Having no bone support or even muscles, the continuous movements of the head cause small sagging which in the long run become evident.

Not only that: the skin in this area is much thinner and exposed to air pollution and the force of gravity and consequently is more prone to aging.

Here we see how to take care of this delicate area of ​​our body.

1- Watch your posture

Do you have a habit of keeping your head down or have a bad posture? Correct these behaviors right away which, in addition to causing back problems, can promote the formation of folds on the neck.

Try real targeted gymnastics. For example: lift your elbows up to your shoulders and place your hands behind your head, push your head back, locking it with your hands and hold the position for twenty seconds, then release. Or from a standing position, tilt your head towards your shoulder and repeat this exercise slowly five times on each side.

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2 - Activates the microcirculation

To activate the microcirculation and thus improve the condition of the skin, do not forget to exfoliate it once a week with gommage or scrub. The result? Smoother and brighter neck and décolleté.

3 - Use targeted products ...

Like these:

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4 - And massage them like this

The application of cosmetic treatments with the right massage helps prevent wrinkles and optimizes the effectiveness of the treatments themselves. With the palms of your hands open, apply the cream on the neck making light descending strokes starting from the chin and reaching the décolleté. If there are small sagging or relaxation, firmly rub the skin with your fingertips, always in a circular direction, to stimulate skin oxygenation and promote tissue turgor.


5 - Make up

A well-done make-up can help you hide neck skin imperfections. Spread on this area a veil of foundation to choose in the shade closest to the color of your skin, or use anti-imperfection BB or CC creams, which plump the skin and even out the complexion.

© Olaz Olaz CC Cream Pore Minimizer

If you are a "lover of tanning", avoid sunlamps that tend to age even more the fragile skin of these areas, and opt for a sunny earth to be blended slightly with the help of a brush.

6 - Minilifting

Sometimes the problem is represented by the "cords", ie the two vertical bands, placed on the sides of the neck, which become too visible. It is then possible to resort to the anterior minilifting of the neck: under local anesthesia a small incision is made under the chin, from this access the underlying muscle bands, those that tend to distance themselves, are brought together with internal sutures. absorbable stitches are used on the outside of the cut, which therefore does not need to be removed.

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