Halloween cocktails: here are 3 tricks to make them scarier!

Sure, blood red cherry juice, jet black vodka and poison green melon liqueur make Halloween cocktails really spooky, but it's hard to "halloween" a Mojito, isn't it? Don't worry, you don't have to resort to food coloring: with these 3 simple tricks you can even turn a lemonade into a scary potion for Halloween!

1. Halloween ice cube molds

We know, ice cubes in the shape of a skull, skeleton or bat are not exactly new, but they are always effective! To make them more authentic and scary you can opt for the 3D variant and fill the molds with cherry juice or use red food coloring.

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Advise: buy silicone molds, so it will be easier to remove the ice cubes!

2. Fluorescent lights to make your cocktails glow in the dark

Your Halloween cocktails can glow even more in the dark, as long as they contain tonic water or lemonade! These drinks contain quinine, which emits a bluish light when placed next to a fluorescent light source such as this led tube.

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advise: if you are not a fan of Gin Tonic, you can make ice cubes with lemon juice or tonic water and dip them in your favorite drink!

3. Glasses for Halloween: skulls, test tubes, syringes and cauldrons!

The third trick to making your party scarier is to serve Halloween cocktails to your guests in skull-shaped glasses, lab tubes, syringes or cauldrons. On Amazon you can indulge yourself with the most terrifying shapes!

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Advise: if you use syringes your guests will be able to dose their drink according to their preferences. They are perfect for rum shots!

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