Clinique iD, the new frontier of personalized cosmetics!

Finding a perfect moisturizer for your skin without having to compromise does it seem like an impossible task? : a personalized treatment, made to measure for you and your needs. How is this possible? Let's find out together!

Clinique iD allows you to hydrate and treat the skin with a really simple gesture, dosing the proportions to perfection: 90% of moisturizing base and 10% of active concentrate. But the real news is that you will make the perfect cream for you by choosing between 3 different moisturizing bases and 5 concentrates, depending on your skin type and your main need: 15 combinations in all, one more effective than the other! How to make your own custom Clinique iD? 3 simple steps are enough:

1. Select the moisturizer that's right for you!

Not all skins have the same problems and the same needs! That's why, to create your own personalized moisturizer, Clinique allows you to choose between three different moisturizing bases based on your type and texture preference.

If you want a light and refreshing texture like water, suitable for moisturizing and repairing the skin barrier while protecting the skin from daily pollution, the moisturizing base for you is Dramatically Different ™ Hydrating Jelly: this base, suitable for all skin types , balances hydration levels and improves the health of your skin day after day, giving your face a radiant, fresh and smooth complexion.

If your skin goes from very dry to combination, the moisturizing base for you is Dramatically Different ™ Moisturizing Lotion +, one of the most loved Clinique formulas and textures in the world for its silkiness. This base provides 8 hour lasting hydration thanks to glycerin and hyaluronic acid which attract water and retain it on the skin!

If, on the other hand, your skin goes from combination to very oily, bet everything on Dramatically Different ™ Oil-Control Gel: a very light gel lotion that provides balance and instantly provides an "impalpable" hydration. Thanks to a blend of sunflower seeds, barley and cucumber extracts, it strengthens the skin barrier and makes it more resistant to external aggressions. Plus, it absorbs super-quickly and leaves no residue!

2. Choose your Active Concentrate Booster based on your main need!

After choosing the moisturizing base that's right for you, the second step is to select your Active Concentrated Booster from five possible alternatives, all with a high level of pure and concentrated active ingredients that respond to a specific need.

If, for example, your skin is always at risk of irritation, choose the Sensitive Skin concentrate, able to instantly provide soothing relief to your skin thanks to the enzymes of lactobacillus, capable of increasing the natural defenses against the agents of external stress. The effects of irritation will be immediately reduced and the skin softened and made even more toned and energetic!

Go for the Booster Enlarged pores and uneven texture if, on the other hand, the problem you want to solve is to improve the appearance of your skin, make it more compact and radiant. This concentrate helps you eliminate dilated pores thanks to fruit acids, exfoliating dead cells on the surface and stimulating natural skin activity.

Do you have problems with spots and discoloration? Clinique has thought of you too: choose the Spots and Discoloration Concentrate, with pure Japanese angelica root extract and other active ingredients, great for revealing a brighter and more even skin tone! Skin cells will be energized and regenerated.

The Fatigue and Tiredness Concentrate, as the name suggests, is the Booster suitable for those who want to revive the natural radiance of their skin, tested and subjected to the numerous stresses of every day. How does he do it? Thanks to taurine, an ingredient used for the first time by Clinique: it is an essential amino acid capable of activating cellular energy, giving the skin an overall healthy appearance and stimulating skin regeneration and the ability to retain moisture .

Finally, if you have marked skin, the concentrate that's right for you is Lines and Wrinkles: it contains pure whey protein and other active ingredients capable of smoothing and plumping fine lines and wrinkles. Your skin your face will immediately seem tighter and more compact.

3. Create and apply your own personalized moisturizer!

Have you identified both the moisturizing base and the concentrate that are right for you? Great, it's time to create your own personalized moisturizer! Insert your Active Concentrate Booster in the space provided in the package of the moisturizing base you have chosen and that's it! Simple isn't it?

Your Clinique iD should be applied twice a day, morning and evening: just spread it on the cleansed skin, avoiding the eye contour area. You can finally say goodbye to compromises and nourish your skin with a product made especially for her! What are you waiting for to try?

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