DentalPro dental centers: my 6 reasons why I would choose them again!

I admit it: I have never been a great frequenter of the dentist, or rather, I go only if necessary and very often I do not respect the timing recommended by the specialists, a bad habit that punctually presents its high bill over time. That's right: neglecting dental care and oral hygiene can cause a lot of inconvenience, in the immediate and especially in the future. This is why it becomes essential to take constant care of it and not underestimate the absence of a real problem. You don't go to the dentist only if there is an actual problem, but also simply to prevent and show off a healthy mouth and a bright smile: a great truth that we often tend to forget.

So, after about a year or more (with a delay of more than six months!), I decided to make an appointment for a teeth cleaning and I chose one of the more than 150 DentalPro dental centers. Below I will tell you about my experience and I will reveal 6 good reasons why I will choose it again.

1. Welcome and great availability

From the very first moment, I felt a "warm welcome and a sincere interest in me and in that of all patients. Simona, Clinic Manager, welcomed me at the entrance, a reassuring figure with a sweet smile and a delicate voice, which immediately put me at ease. Of course, this is not an "open heart operation, but feeling pampered and receiving special attention can only make everything easier and more enjoyable. Sometimes, in fact, when you have medical examinations, there is the risk of feeling only a number." , neglecting the importance of the human side: that's not the case. Simona immediately took care of me: she explained to me the DentalPro reality and all the steps of the visit that I would have carried out with the doctor, leaving me the opportunity to do questions about the structure and organization. At the end of the visit, Simona, with the treatment plan prescribed by the doctor in hand, also faces apparently thorny issues, such as economic ones: with an understanding and affable attitude, she makes sure to find the most suitable payment formula for you. In my case it was a simple cleaning of the teeth, but as you can imagine, when you go to the dentist, you often have to deal with much more expensive treatments, which can also require payment in installments. Simona takes care of choosing the tailor-made solution for you. In short, a highly appreciated service, also because everything is done with kindness, availability and attentive listening to the patient's needs - something that is not exactly obvious today.

In short, I immediately had the impression of being a child again, when going to the dentist turned from a small nightmare into a pleasant appointment, in which you felt pampered, followed and not abandoned to yourself. .

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2. A complete and detailed Check-Up

After this first phase, I was accompanied by Simona by the medical director, Doctor Giovanni Tasquier, who performed a complete and detailed check-up for me.

After an initial check-up, the doctor made me do the overview to investigate any ongoing problems. In addition to the need for regular cleaning of the teeth, however, a small cavity has also emerged. Do not worry: at this point the doctor took care to explain in detail what entity it was and on which tooth it was located, advising me to proceed with a "filling without urgency, but as soon as possible, so as to prevent the problem from increasing and starting really annoying me. I must admit that finally, thanks to his explanation, I understood once and for all how our mouth is structured and how our teeth are numbered: I therefore identified exactly which was the offending tooth (number 16), also managing to explain some slight discomfort felt from time to time in that part of the mouth.
Subsequently, we then moved on to establish the treatment plan, which in my case, for the moment, provided for only one ablation.

At this point, I was able to start cleaning my teeth with Dr. Alessandro Zorzo.

3. Experienced doctors for all types of treatment

The thing that amazed me is that during the treatment I have always been reassured and informed of all the various steps, something that is not always common but which I really appreciated. In fact, it happens, in some dental offices, to hear doctors and assistants chatting to each other, whistling or bombarding you with questions, unaware that you are not at the very best time to strike up a pleasant discussion. Alessandro, helped by Silvia, assistant chairman, instead explained each step in a calm tone, also giving me some advice here and there, which I will treasure. For example, I finally discovered how to use dental floss thanks to its demonstration and I think I will immediately resume using it now that I really understand how to do it!

Not only that, I must confide to you that I do not particularly like cleaning my teeth, because I often have bleeding gums and I feel a little discomfort, well, in this case, I can say that I have not heard anything and above all, hear, hear , my gums have not bled. For me it is a miraculous event, but in reality it is all explained very easily: Alessandro was in fact very delicate during the ablation, and I assure you that it is not a foregone conclusion. At the DentalPro centers, each patient has his own doctor of reference, who makes use of the collaboration of experts in each type of treatment, so that the needs of each patient can be met.

4. Great attention to detail

A final gem, definitely important to me: I could choose the taste of the polish, or paste for polishing the teeth, between anise and strawberry. And I suggest anise because it left a very pleasant taste in my mouth, making me return, even here, to a little girl.

I have always thought that the quality of a service, whatever it may be, is also perceived by the attention and care it reserves for details and apparently minimal and insignificant aspects. And I must admit that here nothing is left to chance and the feeling of being in a pleasant, safe and welcoming environment is always with you.

5. Punctuality and availability in the evening and on weekends

I enter, I take a seat in the center, not even the time to leaf through a magazine and it's already my turn! A fundamental fact for me: they did not keep me waiting and the visit lasted exactly the time that was proposed to me. I had made a commitment with a friend for 11 am, and I was afraid of arriving late, but instead I showed up early and had to wait for me, her!

This is no small detail; after all, you know, we are always in a hurry, with a thousand joints and commitments, and it therefore becomes a priority to respect the timing of appointments and avoid delays that can weigh on our already crowded days.

Not only that, DentalPro centers wink at workers and are open every day until 8pm, including weekends, yes, you got it right: even on Sundays!

6. They make you feel special, also thanks to some "little" gifts!

Let's not underestimate the importance of a gift! And in fact, to remember the importance of oral hygiene, at the end of the treatment Simona greets you with her smile and with a pleasant gift: a case with toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash - a perfect emergency kit for the office or from always keep in your bag to act promptly after meals or at any time you feel the need to refresh your smile.

But that's not all: if you exceed € 1,000, the DentalPro centers give you the Healthy and Protected Package, which consists of 6 free vouchers for half-yearly checks and ablations: 4 for you and 2 to give to whoever you want, to use in any DentalPro center. In short, not bad. Now you understand why I'll be back, right?

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