Chunky sneakers: find out how to use the trendiest models of the season

Sportswear continues to remain strong this autumn-winter and, together with it, the comfortable and casual looks worn by our parents in the 90s return.

Initially it did not seem like a "great idea to reuse all those models that once made us laugh, but every day more and more, the streetstyle gurus show us that it is possible to combine them in a modern and original way.

Of all the models we see around, the chunky sneakers (the sneakers of the "dad") are certainly the ones that make us doubt the most. They are somewhat ugly, but super charming and offer a touch of eccentricity and irony in the most elegant looks.

Learn here how to match them to your style and also find out where to buy them:

All black

If you are absolutely in love with these sneakers but do not want to be too flashy, combine them with a total black look: it is the solution in which you will never go wrong!

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© Total black chunky sneakers look

Colorful and fun dress

One of the biggest trends currently being seen in street style is the mix of very elegant colorful dresses, sportswear and chunky sneakers. A bold, modern and fun proposal where very interesting combinations can be born.

© Elegant look with chunky sneakers

Mom jeans

Keeping consistent with the 90s trend, a look created with straight, classic denim pants and chunky sneakers is the most carefree way to be elegant, casual and comfortable

© Mom jeans and chunky sneakers

Let's surrender to sportswear

Taking into account that all the shops are focusing on sportswear, how about finally investing in a beautiful sporty look? So you will no longer have excuses for not going to the gym after work!

© Sportswear chunky sneakers

Now that we've introduced you to some cool images to inspire you with this quirky but fun fall 2018 trend, find out which chunky sneakers are best suited to your style!


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