Chiara Ferragni defends her friends defined as "round" by Corriere della Sera

Incredible but true: even today there are women journalists who in recording facts of Italian customs lose their bearings and allow themselves to be influenced by patterns and preconceptions - which, frankly, we hoped to be lost along the way - but which at this point are the result of a culture which almost belongs more to the female gender. That's right: if in front of a group of happy and accomplices women - among other things all beautiful! - the first thing you notice is their physical shape, then, there is really still a long, very long way to go. If then, to report it is one of the most quoted and famous newspapers in Italy, in this case a woman, then "Houston we have a problem".

To understand better, it happens that a journalist from the Corriere della Sera in reporting the news of Chiara Ferragni's bachelorette party and her best friends, not only defines them all as "double" of the most famous fashion blogger on the planet, a term as free as it is offensive, but also describes them as "round and happy "Beyond the fact that the comment, in addition to being offensive, is completely unreal and unjustified, we want to distance ourselves from a press that claims so much to do against body shaming but which in fact continues to celebrate it in a subtle way and twisted.

Chiara Ferragni fortunately took a stand and entered the issue with a straight leg, posting on her crowded Instagram profile a precise and timely statement in defense of friends and the freedom of women to be as they are, launching a hashtag that we feel we can support without reserve :

I find it really absurd that journalists can write such things. In a world where we fight to make girls feel good and give them security, pointing out physical defects (mine or my friends) is really a very wrong message. #BodyShamingIsForLosers
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Not only that, Ferragni also posted a photo with a caption full of meaning and effect, which is worth more than long sentences and highly feminist speeches:

Girl power and women supporting each other, everyday.

In short, there is nothing else to say except: Great Chiara!

© Photo taken from Chiara Ferragni's Instagram profile