Keratin for hair: discover the benefits and the best products for less than 20 €

Keratin is a protein found in many parts of the human body and also in animals. It is essential to maintain the structure of our hair, hair and nails. When we have a deficiency of this protein, our hair weakens, becoming dull and lifeless.

Pollution, limescale water, dry climate, chemical treatments and direct contact with the heat coming from obsolete hairdryers and straighteners are some of the factors that can damage the keratin proteins in our hair. As these situations are constant in the routine of most women, it is advisable to use specific moisturizing products for hair enriched with keratin once a week. Mainly when the hair straightener is part of your daily routine, because the mask is able to protect the hair from direct contact with excessive heat.

There are many types of keratin treatments available in beauty centers. Some are more specialized in hair nutrition and others are better suited for soothing damaged hair. Here are some types of products where keratin is the main ingredient:

  • Japanese ironing
  • Brazilian
  • keratin shock

Professional keratin treatments have a price ranging from 50 to 250 € and due to the high cost, many women are looking for alternatives to make it at home in a safe and effective way. We have selected the best keratin-based products taking into consideration ingredients, price and Amazon reviews. If you have very damaged and frizzy hair and want to give it a new life, opt for a keratin treatment and rebuild your hair in a deep way.

Keratin treatments to apply at home

L'Oréal Professional Absolut Repair Lipidum: This mask contains 8 essential ingredients to regenerate the hair fiber from the inside, including the complex of keratin and limpidum. It strengthens, repairs and nourishes the hair from the inside, prevents frizz and restores all the shine to the hair without having to go through it. necessarily in a beauty center.

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Boudica shampoo de keratin: This shampoo, in addition to making the hair shiny and strong thanks to its formula enriched with keratin, also gives more volume thanks to the rice protein and more hydration thanks to the organic grape seed and avocado oil. It is free of sulphates, salt, glycol, formaldehyde and parabens and ensures that the hair fiber is regenerated and protected without adding more chemicals to the hair. Also available the shampoo and conditioner set.

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OGX - Anti-breakage Keratin Shampoo: OGX anti-breakage shampoo offers you a keratin treatment that protects weakened hair. Thanks to the argan oil and the keratin proteins, the hair regains the necessary strength to become shiny and gains the protection to keep the hair healthy for longer.
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Dr. Schedu Berlín, keratin and collagen shampoo: this shampoo is ideal for pampering your hair every day: its ingredients are light, silicone-free and do not damage the scalp. It possesses a high content of keratin along with a formulation of calcium, magnesium, sodium and other minerals that make your hair smooth, soft and shiny. In addition, it has collagen which helps to give more volume and protection to your hair.

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Products for after a professional keratin treatment

Kativa Shampoo and Conditioner Set: the Kativa set is a treatment enriched with keratin and argan oil that must be used as a complement after a straightening treatment with keratin. It is perfect for those who want to extend the straightening effects for longer, treat the hair in an intense way as well as protect it from external factors that can weaken the hair. The set includes a shampoo and conditioner, to be used two or three times a week to maintain the health of your hair after a professional treatment for a longer period.

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Pure Gold Keratin and Argan Mask: The Oro Puro restructuring mask has a very rich formulation of argan oil, keratin and 24K gold that restructures, protects, nourishes and illuminates the hair, mainly those that have just had the straightening treatment. It is a mask that can also be used in the treatment of weakened and thin hair.

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