What a name to give your child based on the (future) zodiac sign!

Undecided on what name to give your baby? Of course, it's not an easy choice. So why not try to help yourself with his zodiac sign? Let's find out together what could be the right name for your child based on the month in which he will be born and the characteristics that distinguish his sign.

First, however, here is a video with the adjectives that best describe your and your child's zod iacal sign:

Aries: Marco!

For a child of the sign of "Aries, the right name could be Marco! Marco, in fact, means" dedicated to the god Mars ", and Mars is precisely the planet that rules the sign of Aries. Your child will be a real warrior, just like the Roman deity who will protect him.

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Toro: Gabriel!

The name Gabriel comes from two Hebrew words meaning "strong man" and "God". There is no doubt that the sign of Taurus deserves an appellation that recalls an almost divine strength: it is a sign that always demonstrates so much resistance, power, ability and solidity. A name that is all a wish!

Gemini: Thomas!

Are you expecting a baby who will be born of the sign of Gemini? Have no doubts and call him Thomas. How why? The name Tommaso derives from "Aramaic and really means" twin "! If you prefer to give yourself an international tone, you can also bet on the Thomas variant.

Cancer: David!

A child of the sign of Cancer will be a very sweet, loving child, strongly attached to the mother. The right name for him could be David, which derives from the Hebrew and really means "beloved, beloved". With this name you will put so much of that love in the circle that your baby will thank you!

Leone: Leonardo!

How to call a Leo child if not Leonardo? This name, in fact, derives from two Lombard words which mean respectively "lion" and "strong, courageous": because your child will become an unbeatable lion, there is no doubt!

Virgo: Diego!

Do you know what characterizes the sign of Virgo? His wisdom. As a child, you will see, your child will be precise and reasonable. It is no coincidence that the right name for him could be Diego, which derives from the Greek and means "cultured, educated": a very suitable name for this little genius.

Libra: Federico!

The name Federico derives from the Germanic and means "one who is powerful in peace". And the sign of Libra is just like that: it loves balance, harmony, serenity between people. So why not call your future sling with a name that recalls its beautiful sociable character?

Scorpio: Mauro!

Will your child be born in the sign of Scorpio? Get ready, it will be a very sweet challenge! Scorpio is the darkest sign of the zodiac and your baby could become a handsome dark man capable of making everyone's head spin. Call him Mauro, then, which comes from the Greek and really means "dark".

Sagittarius: Paul!

The name Paolo has Latin origin and means "small", but also "young". And Sagittarius is known, it is a sign that never gets old, able to always keep its most carefree and childish soul, in the most positive sense of the term! Calling your child Paul will be a nice way to wish him the eternal youth of his sign.

Capricorn: Alberto!

The sign of Capricorn is characterized by a great ambition and a desire to reach high peaks in life. If your child will be born of this sign, call him Alberto, which derives from the Germanic and means "very famous, very illustrious": you will not be able to give him a more welcome gift!

Aquarius: Luigi!

If your child is born of the sign of Aquarius, know that he will be a true idealist, an activist always ready to fight for what he believes in and to improve the world. The most suitable name for him could then be Luigi, which means "full warrior. of glory ": he will win his battles also thanks to you!

Pisces: Angel!

Pisces children are sweet and sensitive, highly emotional and, therefore, almost magical. What name to give to a Pisces child if not Angel? Angelo means "messenger" and you will soon realize that your child will be gifted with great communication skills and artistic expressiveness.

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