How sweet are you based on your zodiac sign?

Remove everything, but not the dessert! Few things in life give satisfaction like a nice dessert to be enjoyed alone or in company, to treat yourself to a moment of delightful happiness. Are you curious to find out which is the dessert that most resembles you? Simple: go now and check your zodiac sign and, based on its characteristics, you will find out which dessert is made especially for you.

First, however, here is a video with the adjectives that best describe your zodiac sign:

Aries: Cream puffs!

Aries is a sign that does not like to get lost in chatter, nor to complicate its existence with unnecessary paranoia. The perfect dessert for an "Arietina must" be simple, genuine, straightforward, but at the same time capable of giving a lot of satisfaction: a nice cream puff, with a lot of filling, best expresses these characteristics.

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Toro: Sacher cake!

A Torella needs to feel really satisfied at the table, it is the sign that more than all the others it does not know how to give up on goodies: just any dessert is not enough for it, it takes the queen of cakes! A nice Sacher, with all that chocolate and apricot jam, will perfectly represent his delightful soul.

Gemini: Cheesecake!

Cheesecake is a colorful cake, always different, never boring and - of course - very good! All characteristics that unite it to the sign of Gemini: with them it is impossible to get bored, the news are always around the corner and so the colorful enthusiasm and the desire to always throw yourself into new adventures!

Cancer: Mimosa cake!

The ideal dessert to represent Cancer girls can only be her: the mythical mimosa cake! And this for its incomparable sweetness, but above all for the femininity it expresses: it is no coincidence that it is the dessert that celebrates women and which sign is more "woman" than Cancer?

Leone: Donuts!

With a Lioness you are always in excellent company: it is a solar sign, full of joy, which exudes the desire to live and to get excited from all pores! The perfect dessert to represent it are the Donuts, the legendary American donuts covered with colored icing: a good mood comes just by looking at them!

Virgo: Tart!

The perfect dessert to represent a girl of the Virgin is undoubtedly a good homemade tart: it is a simple, genuine dessert, which comes from tradition. Like a Virgo, she manages to be very good without having to overdo it, looking at sincerity and simplicity as indispensable qualities.

Libra: Macarons!

What better dessert than the delicious macarons to represent the sign of Libra? With their refined pastel colors, these delicacies with a Parisian flavor best embody the elegance and charm of a scale: because the taste is ok, but the eye also wants its part!

Scorpio: Chocolate Mousse!

The ideal dessert to represent a Scorpio girl must have an intense, aphrodisiac flavor, a taste in which to sink to lose yourself in the pleasure of the senses as only she can do! A chocolate mousse, with its melt and unmistakable taste, will be perfect for her.

Sagittarius: Nutella Crêpe!

A Sagittarius girl is always a bit of a child: the perfect dessert for her has the unmistakable flavor of Nutella, perhaps spread in a nice warm crêpe. With that "slightly" playful, certainly cheerful aspect, this dessert will perfectly embody the ever-young spirit of this sign!

Capricorn: Lemon Pie!

A Capricorn girl can be very sweet, but only if she wants it and, above all, with who she wants! The perfect dessert to represent it is the lemon cake. Sweet yes, but up to a certain point: that exquisite contrast between the flavor of lemon and that of the cream is its beauty, how can you not love it?

Aquarius: Cupcake!

The girls of the sign of Aquarius are just like splendid cupcakes: you cannot find one equal to the other, and they are all colorful, original, the result of inventiveness and imagination. This sign is exactly like this, it hates to conform and it is he immediately recognizes for his fantastic whimsy.

Pisces: Panna cotta!

Panna cotta is the dessert par excellence: with its delicious flavor, soft and enveloping texture, its sugary coating is perfect to represent the girls of the sign of Pisces, the sweetest and most sensitive of the whole zodiac! Living next to them is all an emotion. Just like feeling a spoonful of panna cotta melt in your mouth.

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