How to lay wallpaper

The first strip
Correctly laying the first strip of wallpaper is very important because if this is not perfectly vertical, all the others will also be crooked. You will then have to start laying from a corner or along an opening in the room.


Starting from a corner of the room, draw a vertical line on the wall of the same width as the strip of wallpaper, and measure its height. Add 5 or 10 cm for the finish on the ceiling and baseboard and write this measurement on the wallpaper. Cut off the excess paper with scissors or a utility knife.

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Now repeat the operation with all the other strips: you can only switch to laying when you are finished.

Attention: if the wallpaper has a pattern (paper with fillet), you must cut it so that each strip coincides with the previous one. To facilitate the task, the height of the connection point is generally indicated on the roll. Also, do not hesitate to number each individual strip.

The adhesive

Choose an adhesive suitable for the type of paper you are installing and prepare it according to the instructions indicated on the package.

The application of the adhesive

With a brush, spread the adhesive on the back of each strip (cover the entire surface). Fold the strip back on itself and let the adhesive dry a bit while performing the same operation on another 3 or 4 strips.

The pose

Now you can proceed with the laying of the first strip. Unfold it and place it on the wall following the vertical line you drew at the beginning of the work. Always leave 5 cm in excess at the level of the ceiling and the floor, for the final finishing. Remove the air bubbles with a special brush, starting from the top.

Once the strip has been laid, you can remove the excess cm at the level of the floor and ceiling. To do this, fold the paper well, gently peel off a few cm of strip from the wall and cut it following the fold with scissors. Re-glue what's left with the brush.

Lay the next strip making it coincide perfectly with the previous one: just lay the upper part of the strip and then slide it along the wall. The wallpaper stickers, in fact, allow this operation. Flatten the connection point with a roller (unless the wallpaper is embossed). Repeat the operation for each strip.

Good to know: if any adhesive falls on the right side of the wallpaper, remove it immediately with a clean sponge soaked in water.

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