I want it by Kiabi. The timed capsule collection not to be missed

A purchase not to be missed. The casual fashion brand Kiabi, born in France, takes this expression literally by finding an innovative way to sell its creations. The capsule collection called I want it it is in fact available in stores and online for a limited period of time, while offering the advantage of very low prices.

© Kiabi

Each month, Kiabi offers a new collection I want it, which consists of three limited edition looks that follow the main trends of the season. All things considered, each look costs less than 50 euros - certainly a great deal, if the only effort you have to make is to hurry up and shop. And for that we don't need encouragement, right?

© Kiabi

For the month of March, I want it by Kiabi offers very interesting casual looks: a suede miniskirt, for example, or denim overalls. Then there is the classic blue jeans, to be combined perhaps with a folk-inspired blouse. Check out the items available in March in the photos below!

© Kiabi Electric blue blouse with tassels (20 euros)

To find out more and buy online: www.kiabi.it

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