Capricorn: everything you don't know about the zodiac sign

Finally someone who takes care of the point! Capricorn leaves no room for frivolity: it commits itself, resists and reaches the goal it sets itself according to the established times. Whether shopping at the supermarket or climbing Everest, everything is a goal to be achieved. Determined as a rock, wise and lonely like Buddhist monks, they open up to a few people but with generosity and affection. The opposite of the sign of Cancer. , symbol of childhood, motherhood, instinct and the unconscious, Capricorn therefore represents maturity, the wisdom that predominates over the instincts to act and realize. It embodies the paternal image, the authority.

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The character of Capricorn

The extreme rigor, perseverance, thoughtfulness, patience, cold blood of the natives of Capricrono make it the most reflective, stable, reserved and prudent sign of the zodiac.
Before being launched, its projects are verified, analyzed, calculated and then followed step by step until they are implemented.
For Capricorn the time factor is secondary. Stoic in difficulties, not easily influenced but fair and objective, he is a loner. Yet behind the hermetic armor and apparent calm, an acute sensitivity is hidden. Very structured, he knows how to remain himself and faithful to his principles, in all circumstances.
Being quite cold in nature and relatively not very lively, it is not very prone to lightning strikes. Shy, he shows little of his feelings, but he will be able to create a "stable and solid union."
Capricorn is ambitious and his career follows an upward and regular curve.
He patiently and methodically builds his destiny.
He has a remarkable ability to manage responsibilities, as long as he is given time to assimilate the principles.

The zodiacal profile of Capricorn

Element: Land
Opposite and complementary sign: Cancer
Sign: female
Metal: lead
Planet: Saturn
Colors: black, brown
Scent: Honeysuckle
Parts of the body: bones, skeleton, joints
Age of life: beginning of old age
His Space / Time: December January
His motto: I realize

Love and sex

Sex is the national sport of Sagittarius! He trains, practices it very often, getting tired of it and changing often ... the universe is too full of possibilities for monogamy! More than unfaithful, he is a curious experimenter. He loves intensely as if it were the first time and every now and then, it ends everything as it had begun. Remaining friends, of course. Love is seen with the eyes of idealism, it pursues it relentlessly, in a comings and goings of arrows worthy of Cupid.

The profession

Curiosity leads him to every field of work. They do well as sociologists, advertisers, philosophers, politicians, teachers, comedians, explorers.

The Capricorn woman

Like the man of the sign, she has a high forehead, protruding cheekbones, a slightly elongated face. She is an honest, proud woman who wants to be loved for what she is and not for a beauty or femininity that, her part, she despises! She is very strict with herself.

What is it made for?

  • What is it made for?
    To be useful to others and sacrifice oneself, often risking underestimating one's desires and being frustrated by them! Active, hardworking, she is a worker bee who relentlessly puts aside and never stops! Teacher, professor, social worker, doctor, nurse, zealous collaborator, she knows what is best for others!

  • How does he love?
    He has the same behavior as his male counterpart: being afraid of being left, and therefore of suffering, he takes refuge in an ivory tower, in which few men will dare to climb. He is capable of loving passionately and giving everything ... too much. and without knowledge of the facts! Often he finds love very late.

The Capricorn man

It is said that he is cold, haughty, that he criticizes others with contempt, but in reality he is just shy, rigid, uncomfortable with his own body, unable to make contact with others. It is an earthly being that reveals itself sparingly. It burns inside, without others noticing.

  • What is it made for?
    First of all, he is a responsible being, who takes all the responsibilities himself! The hardest thing for him is to delegate. Many Capricorns are politicians with a great love for power, for work, and who need to dominate and feel useful (Mao Tsé Toung, Nixon, Stalin ...).

  • How does he love?
    With precaution and parsimony, and not out of lack of sensitivity or generosity, but out of fear of being abandoned. After all, the Capricorn man is the classic happy single, who is dedicated to work and fun! But be careful not to be deceived, he does it to protect himself: he is a tender with a big heart, who only dreams of starting a family and being happy!

The symbolic image of Capricorn

It is a goat that climbs steep peaks on its own, but the sign is also represented by a fabulous half-goat half-dolphin animal that embodies the dual nature of Capricorn, drawn and torn by the downward and upward attraction, between doubt and ambition.
Capricorn is a willing being who, when needed, knows how to defend and fight. His desire to improve is, first of all, aimed at gaining awareness. For him, wisdom and internal balance are more enviable than all the riches of the world… even if he tries to possess them.

The stars born under the sign of Capricorn

Britney Spears, Bart Simpson, Beethoven, Nostradamus, Steven Spielberg ...

The astrocouncil

the journey counts ... but sometimes the destination too! We should be careful and take fewer risks.

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