Dyed hair: the 5 steps to take care of it better!

Do you think that dyed hair must inevitably suffer from continuous washing and external aggressions, gradually losing their brightness and brilliance? You are wrong! If cared for properly, even dyed or streaked hair can enjoy excellent health and maintain a bright and shiny look for longer. For this to happen, however, it is necessary to dedicate the right care to them with the right treatments: there are in fact little beauty routine secrets, apparently minimal, which are instead a true mantra for our hair, especially if dyed.

This then becomes more complicated in certain periods of the year, such as in summer, when external "aggressions" multiply and the need to take care of one's hair becomes even more a necessity: to protect it from sun, sea, chlorine and sand. it is in fact essential if you want to maintain a bright tint and avoid a rapid fading of the color, as well as damage to the health of the hair.

Do not worry: below we reveal 5 simple rules to follow in your daily life to take care of dyed hair and show off a bright and always alive color!

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1. Wash them with cold water

To keep your hair in good condition and preserve the color for longer, try washing it with cold water, or in any case not excessively hot. In fact, cold water, unlike hot water - decidedly more aggressive and able to dry the hair and leave it opaque - allows to protect the color, guaranteeing brilliance and brightness to the hair.

If you really can't tolerate cold temperatures - even if in summer it is often a pleasant and super regenerating gesture - at the end of the wash, give yourself a nice jet of cold water so that the cuticles close well and allow the treatments that we will suggest shortly. to be absorbed more effectively, guaranteeing the hair what it needs.

2. Don't forget the mask, essential to protect your hair (especially in summer!)

To have beautiful and healthy hair, as you know, just shampooing is not enough. Choosing the right shampoo is already something, of course, but it is the mask that makes the difference. It is often thought - erroneously - that the mask is a product suitable only for a certain type of hair, for example dry or damaged: nothing could be more wrong! The mask is a fundamental product for any type of hair, just choose the one that's right for us: it allows you to nourish the hair (not only to untangle it, like a normal conditioner), penetrating deeply into the hair fiber, and thus going to moisturize and regenerate it. Nourished hair is equivalent to hair that is beautiful to look at: soft and shiny!
Wrongly from what you think, the mask does not weigh down the hair, on the contrary, it reinvigorates it, guaranteeing the nourishment it needs. Definitely excellent for fine, fragile or dry hair, but essential for any type of hair, even greasy ones and with a tendency to get dirty easily. In fact, remember that it is a product that acts above all on ends and lengths that are often dry, brittle and in need of nourishment even in the presence of skin prone to sebum production. In these cases, gradually measure out the amount of mask you apply, start from the lengths and then push yourself slightly on the roots, possibly with the help of a wide comb.

In short, you understand well how, especially in summer, a period in which our hair is even more in need of care and nourishment, the need arises to rely on specific masks that are able to take care of our hair, giving them a strong and healthy look.

For dyed hair - which in summer is particularly prone to dryness and accelerated fading of color caused by sun, chlorine, sand and sea - the Elvive Color-Vive color protection mask, with Linseed Elixir and formula enriched with UVA / UVB filters. This mask, specially designed for dyed and colored hair, gives high protection, fixes and prolongs the color by keeping it at the heart of the fiber; in addition, it revives the brightness by 5 times *, guaranteeing a silky touch to your hair.

You will then have guessed how inserting a mask into your beauty routine is a small fundamental gesture to have a beautiful and healthy hair and a bright and bright color for longer. It is recommended to do this at least once a week, but in summer, or in periods when your hair is particularly stressed, even 2-3 times, according to your needs.

How to use? It's very simple: just apply a little bit of it on wet hair, along the lengths, spreading it down to the ends and then wait 2-3 minutes, so that it works in depth. And voila! Your hair will thank you and you will immediately feel the difference.

3. Limit the use of the hair dryer and use natural drying whenever possible

Even the moment of drying is a fundamental step to pay particular attention to. Before proceeding with drying, however, make sure you gently pat your hair with a delicate towel, without rubbing, so as not to lift the cuticles and to be certain that you have completely dried your hair - using a hair dryer with hair full of water is certainly not the best way to ensure perfect styling and preserve color and brightness!

And now let's move on to the hair dryer: try to use it in moderation and possibly at a medium-low power, avoiding getting it too close to the hair. Use it, if you can, without a spout, at least initially, to disperse the heat more evenly on the hair and thus not go to excessively stress the ends and lengths, which could be affected not a little even in terms of brilliance and brightness. Eventually add it, if you think it appropriate, in the final phase, to shape the locks with the help of the brush, always taking care not to get too close to the locks.

Always remember that healthy natural drying and a short break from the hair dryer never hurt! Maybe take advantage of it in the summer, when the warm temperatures allow it: give yourself a respite from brushing and the perfect fold, and opt for a natural styling that is so fashionable especially in summer, such as beach waves, perfect natural waves with an irresistible touch. glam-chic!

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4. Watch out for plates and irons!

If you can, stay away from excessively hot irons and plates. Particularly in summer, avoid putting too much stress on the hair - already particularly tried - with an invasive brushing that includes plates or irons, definitely not very friendly to the hair. Opt for straightening brushes or simple combs which, if used wisely and with the help of the hair dryer, can give great satisfaction and give us a really good hair styling. And remember that, especially in summer, hair is fashionable. natural and anything but perfect! Treasure it, and your hair will also thank you ...

5. Hats, scarves, bandanas: why not?

Why not opt ​​for some small stratagem, very useful for the days when the sun and the heat do not give you respite? When you are on the beach or simply in your afternoons at the lake, by the pool or waiting for your favorite concert, help your hair with these small but effective fashion tricks: headbands, bandanas and trendy hats can be a "great solution on the most days. heat of the year, for your health and your hair! In addition to being super fashion, you will more easily preserve your color and the brilliance of your hair. Why not combine it with some super cool summer hairstyles that leave everyone speechless?

* Instrumental test after the application of Color Vive shampoo and conditioner on a classic oxidant dye

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