Pink hair: the most beautiful shades and how to show them off at their best

Pink undoubtedly stands out among colored hair, an ultra chic color, with a thousand souls and personalities, perfect also for those who want to dare but in moderation. There is in fact a reason why pink hair has been on the crest of the wave for several seasons now, proving to be the most loved color among the "crazy" colors: they are glamorous, versatile and very wearable at the same time, making them an excellent option also for those who want to show off a less conventional look without completely overturning their style. Here, pink, especially in its lighter and more delicate nuances, is undoubtedly the right choice.

To show off flawless and fashionable pink hair, however, it is important to choose the right shade, which best enhances our face, taking into account the colors and undertones of your skin. And Olia, with its new Bold line, has thought of just this.

Pink hair: who does it look good for?

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So let's start, first of all, with a fundamental consideration: who is pink hair good for? In general, we can say that the light pink and pastel shades give their best on light bases - ash blonde or light brown in the first place - while the more decisive pinks, tending to shades of mauve and fuchsia up to the shades of purple , are also suitable for brown hair or darker colors.

Taking into account the base color is undoubtedly a good thing, but it is even more important, for the purposes of a pink that enhances you at its best, to look at the undertone of your skin: in fact, with a skin with a cold undertone, a pink on cold shades - such as pastel pink and dusty pink - while with a warm undertone complexion, it is better to stay on warmer and brighter pinks, such as golden pink, peach or dark pink. However, these are not strict rules but small guidelines to help you better orient yourself in your choice, but feel free to let yourself be guided even by your simple personal taste.

Perfect on short cuts, pink hair is then an excellent solution even on long or medium length cuts, perhaps choosing not to cover the entire hair up to the root, but leaving a little contrast, for a messy style effect. glam-chic that is so fashionable.

For a softer result, you can also choose to show it only on ends and lengths - especially if you have very long or medium-long hair - using the blayage or shatush technique: hair with pink tips is in fact an increasingly growing trend. that conquers all, even the most traditional.

So here is a series of pink hair shades to choose from based on the characteristics and colors of your face to show off flawless and fashionable pink hair!

Rose gold hair: the chicest shade of pink ever!

Among all the shades of pink, rose gold stands out without a doubt, for its refinement and unmistakable chic touch. It is a strawberry blonde or golden pink, the result of a fascinating mix of blonde and pink for a soft but trendy look that is unrivaled. The result is an enveloping rosy blond with warm gold shades, glam but not too much - very wearable even by those who do not like excesses - which softens the face and features and gives a particular charm.

Who is rose gold good for?

Being a light pink but not too much, it can adapt very easily to light and medium-light complexions - preferably with a warm undertone, since it is still a shade with a golden base.

Rose gold hair: how to do it?

If you think that showing off a screaming rose gold is pure utopia, you are wrong. A perfect rose gold tint that beautifully recreates this romantic and ethereal mix of blonde and pink is the Olia Bold tint by Garnier in the shade of Rosa Dorato 9.2. It is a permanent color without ammonia activated by oil, which allows to obtain an impeccable and luminous color, while improving the visible quality of the hair *. Its formula without ammonia with 60% of oils - including natural oils of flowers - allows the diffusion of color to the heart of the hair, guaranteeing 100% coverage of white hair and a long-lasting brilliant color. The result is 3 times brighter and the hair softer and silky *. Not only that, Olia it is easy to apply and, thanks to the velvety non-drip texture and its delicate floral fragrance, it makes the moment of dyeing a pleasant gesture and a beauty ritual all for itself. The new Olia Bold range by Garnier, in addition to the pink - golden and deep - then includes a series of evocative and vibrant nuances including intense red, copper and different shades of purple

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Dark pink hair: the pink shade for those who want to dare with style

Are you light brown, are you looking for a suggestive pink that stands out with class, but you don't want to bleach your hair? Don't worry, for you there is Olia Bold Rosa Intense 7.22, a vibrant dark pink that can be applied on natural hair from light blond to light brown, for a truly original and ultra-chic result.

It is in fact a very glamorous variant of pink, tending to fuchsia, which however maintains a sophisticated and not excessive allure, allowing at the same time to be daring a little more, but always with refinement.

In short, if your idea is to amaze with class, this is the color for you!

Pink brown: rose gold for chestnuts

If it is true that rose gold is more suitable for those with a light base on the shade of ash blonde, it must also be said that hair fashion has thought of an easy way to please even dark-haired women. That's right, rose brown is the brown version of rose gold and consists of a warm and sophisticated color on a champagne pink base with iridescent and metal shades, which gives a glam-chic look, perfect for those who want to dare a little, without exaggerating. .

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Pastel pink hair: how to choose the light pink that's right for you

Romantic and ethereal, pastel pink hair is a refined and glam trend, loved above all by those who want a color full of personality and chic at the same time. As we said, pastel pink hair best enhances those with a light complexion with a cold undertone. If you belong to this category, then opt without problems for the old pink, the classic pastel rose - even with shades of ice or tending to lilac - or a more pop, candy-colored pink.

Pastel pink in its warmest version, with apricot and / or salmon reflections, is instead an "excellent solution if you have a fair complexion but with a warm and golden undertone.

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Peach hair: the hottest, coppery shade of pink

If rose gold derives from the union of pink with blond, peach pink is instead a warmer and more decisive shade of pink that turns on the shades of copper. Rich in vibrations and shades, this sparkling and lively color is able to enhance wisely both warm complexions and diaphanous skins, considering that it has a base tending to red, which, as we know, goes perfectly even with lighter complexions and with cold undertones. and orange, in the event that your skin turns to cold tones, instead push on the shades of warm and intense copper if your face has a warmer and more golden undertone.

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