Long live mom! The most beautiful songs to dedicate to mom

It is not always easy to tell your mother that you love her, there are those who have a wonderful relationship with their own, those who have a relationship a little more detached or made up of squabbles, but, almost always, the love that you feel it is always intense. We propose you some songs that you can dedicate to her without having to tell her the affection you feel for her, even if, after all, it is always more beautiful to hear it, right? And for an extra idea, think about dedicating a moving poem to her!

But, in addition to a kind thought, remember that the best gift to give to your mother is to spend time with her, perhaps to engage in one of these pleasant activities ...

Claudio Villa - Mom

Mom, only for you my song flies,
mom, you will be with me, you will not be alone anymore!
How much I love you! These words of love that my heart longs for
maybe they don't use them anymore, mom, but my most beautiful song is you!

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Celine Dion - Because You Loved Me

You have been my strength in times of weakness,
you were my voice when I couldn't speak,
you were my eyes when I couldn't see,
You saw the best in me, you lifted me up when I couldn't get high,
you trusted me because you believed in me.
I am everything I am because you loved me.

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Edoardo Bennato - Viva La Mamma

Long live mom, fond of that slightly long skirt,
so elegantly 50s, always so sincere!
Long live mom, long live women with their feet on the ground,
the smiling post-war misses, combed like her!

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Undertone - Amor De Mi Vida

Besides being your son, the best thing is that I look like you,
I don't know how you can do it, you know how to advise me to distinguish good from evil
and your every kiss is the sweetest fruit I've ever tasted

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Luca Barbarossa - Take me to dance

Come on mom come on tonight let's leave it here
your problems and those talk about wrinkles and age,
come on mom come on tonight let's run away
and so much so that we are not together and it is certainly not your fault
but I always feel you next to me even when I'm not there
I still carry you inside even now that I'm a man

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Carmen Consoli - In black and white

I look at my mother in those days and see again
my own smile
And think about how many times
I felt distant from her
And think about how many times ...
I wanted to talk to her about me

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Anna Tatangelo - The most beautiful

Mom you are the most beautiful to me
you are more beautiful than a star
it is only you who give warmth and so much love
giving me your sun to shed light in my heart

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Spice Girls - Mama

Mama, I love you, mama, I care
mama, I love you, mama, my friend,
my friend

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