Change your life

Changing your life: a spreading trend

Nowadays we are required to decide very early on what we want to do with our life, society tends to lock us up in an existence that is certainly pleasant but which we have not chosen and which does not fully satisfy us. It is not uncommon, therefore, that after a few years of this peaceful existence many of us come out of our torpor and realize that we have not achieved our aspirations. This feeling of dissatisfaction can also manifest itself after a difficult period from a personal point of view: depression, bereavement, unemployment ...

Orientation experts are multiplying on the market, trying to help us find the path that best suits our personality.

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Change for what?

In addition to the feeling of not being in one's place, the reasons that can lead to the decision to change one's life are many. The inhabitants of the cities, suffocated by traffic and smog, dream of moving to the countryside, the employees, crushed by the hierarchical pyramid and the operation of the company, choose to set up on their own. Some, tired of focusing too much on themselves, consecrate themselves to others through a humanitarian organization while others decide to cultivate that passion that they have always had to put aside to follow a path more suited to the rules of society. Finally, when you want to discover new horizons, moving abroad allows you to move on to something else and radically change your life.

If you feel like you are looking for a change but are not really sure of yourself, you can carry out a skills assessment at one of the many guidance specialists who, based on the main traits of your personality, will suggest how to improve your situation.

Changing family life

Before giving up everything, needless to say, you have to think seriously, especially if the change is not just about you but also involves other people. If you are a couple or a family, you must take into consideration the home loan, your children's school, your partner's job ... and it is imperative that all members of your family understand and accept your decision. Obviously, before launching a discussion on the subject, you must be sure that changing your lifestyle is the best decision. If, on the other hand, your desire is dictated by a malaise, it is better that you initially contact a psychologist.

Changing your life when you are single

Starting from scratch when you are single is not so simple, on the contrary, it represents a challenge that you have to face alone and whose weight weighs all on your shoulders!

The desire to change is not always understood by relatives and friends, who sometimes distance themselves: before turning your back on everything and everyone, therefore, you must be sure that you can face this eventuality. Changing your life must allow you to feel satisfied and fully fulfilled, so it is not a decision to be made lightly. Moving abroad to mature and gain your independence, set up on your own to prove that you can do it alone ... avoid head shots.

To be sure that your reasons are well founded, do not hesitate to tell your loved ones or a psychologist, and if in the end you are always of the same idea ... you just have to throw yourself!

Change your life: take a big step

Before changing your life you must be sure of your choice, and you can only be sure after having seriously considered a whole series of personal, professional and material criteria. From a professional point of view, do not forget the obligations that, by contract, bind you to your company and, as far as possible, try not to leave your colleagues in difficulty. You will probably also need to be prepared to face a significant financial investment (plane tickets, investments, rents to pay while waiting to find a new job ...), often necessary to start from scratch.

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