Beauty Advent Calendar 2019: a truly original gift!

If as children we looked forward to December to arrive to receive a large and colorful Advent calendar, chock full of goodies, things are different now (or maybe not?).
Chocolate will always be one of our greatest loves but as we grow up, make-up and skin care have been added to our passions!

For some years we have already seen special Advent calendars in perfumeries, but this year there is only one trend: the 2019 Advent calendar is beauty!
From luxury brands like Armani and Dior to more accessible ones like Essence, Kiko and Sephora and even Amazon has launched one at a cost of 49 euros (buy it here!).
24 different surprises, for each day of waiting until Christmas, to arrive at December 25th more beautiful than ever!
A special gift for mom, friends, sisters or simply for yourself, especially if you are a real beauty freaks!

Check out the Advent calendars on Amazon
Check out the Advent calendars on Sephora

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