Bruschetta with stale bread: tasty ideas for reusing bread!

The bread of a few days also allows you to prepare excellent bruschetta. The procedure is very simple: take a slice of stale bread, rub it with a little garlic and season it with a little olive oil. Cut some tomatoes into cubes and put them on the bread. If you wish, you can add: mozzarella, goat cheese , pesto, basil leaves, anchovy fillets, slices of ham, diced bacon, artichokes in oil, olives, etc.

You can also bake the bruschetta for a few minutes and you will see that you will get a crunchy and tasty mini-pizza. It is ideal for an aperitif with friends.

Here is also the video that illustrates all the steps to prepare a baked bruschetta with flakes, with the sauce that suits you best. Here, for example, we offer you the version with tomatoes, ham and mozzarella: a real treat!

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For an original and tasty version of bruschetta, try making English Welsh (or Welsh Rarebit):

  • line a gratin dish with a little butter and arrange the slices of dry bread
  • heat some beer in a saucepan and melt some good cheddar or chester cheese, without boiling it, until you get a thick and creamy consistency
  • pour the melted cheese over the slices of bread
  • put everything in the grill position for a few minutes
  • add a little mustard, Worcestershire sauce or Tabasco to the melted cheese, but also stuff the bread with fried eggs when serving!

Why not try the variant with mustard and cheese? Here is the recipe for an original and full of flavor bruschetta!

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