To restore shine to opaque glasses and oxidized silverware

Make your glasses shine ...

First, remove the limescale from the glasses by filling them with white vinegar and coarse salt. Shake them vigorously and let the contents act for at least 12 hours, then rinse. If the limestone is very encrusted, pour two tablespoons of coarse salt, water (preferably lukewarm) and a little bleach into the glasses. Do you want to get an optimal result? The secret is to let the products act for a long time.

For a perfect and lasting shine, apply a thin film of water and chemical yeast to the glasses, rinse and polish with a soft cloth ... guaranteed success!

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... and the silverware.

Silverware blackens quickly, even if you don't use it often. To easily eliminate those horrible dark traces that have formed on the surface of your cutlery, soak them in white vinegar for about twenty minutes. You can also use the same technique to remove traces of oxidation.

Another solution is to cover the cutlery with a mixture of calcium carbonate and denatured alcohol, rub them vigorously and finally rinse them. If you do not have calcium carbonate available, dip the silverware in curdled milk, rub, rinse and dry ... you will see what a brilliance! And to prevent the silverware from blackening again, when you put it away put a piece of chalk next to it.

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