The most elegant ideas for your wedding favors

Until a few years ago, wedding favors were associated with precious (but often useless) knick-knacks made of precious and even expensive materials!
The result? Each favor ended straight into the cupboards of our homes and had no other function than to collect a lot of dust, what a waste!

Fortunately, today, things have changed and the choice of the right wedding favor follows different canons, such as usefulness, solidarity and sobriety, not to mention that they are one of the aspects of marriage in which you tend to save!
For all these reasons, we are happy to help you in your choice, giving you some ideas to choose the most elegant favors for your wedding.

Macarons: small, sweet, elegant!

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© We know that food is always a gift without fail. But if you're looking for something less rustic than jam, how about treating your guests to the poshest dessert there is?
Macarons, small, delicate, colorful and with that wonderful French allure that will immediately give a Parisian and refined touch to your wedding.
Trust your pastry shop to have them prepared in the color of your choice and buy transparent boxes on Amazon in which to arrange them.
You can buy pretty transparent boxes on Amazon to arrange them in, perhaps with a nice matching bow!

> Buy a set of 60 boxes on Amazon for € 11.99

A candle and room fragrances

© Don't you think scented candles are an original idea? , sounds a little better right?
> Check out this beautiful set of 3 candles on Amazon for € 10.99

A coffee maker: the etiquette of simplicity

© In addition to the obvious usefulness of this gift, the mocha or coffee pot is a true symbol of hospitality and friendship.
It will give your guests a simple, courteous and affectionate message: come and visit us for a coffee whenever you want!
Here is a cheap and nice solution on Amazon.
> Click here to buy a single-dose coffee maker for € 6.90

The Apulian pumo: traditional and noble


During your holidays in Puglia, you will have noticed these small glazed ceramic artichokes in all the souvenir shops.
These are the pumas, frequent decorations in the noble palaces of the place.
If given to someone, they bring good luck and wish wealth. Perfect, right?

> Buy them on Amazon in multiple colors for € 8 each

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