Blake Lively, a timeless sophisticated and glamorous diva. All the most beautiful looks of the Adaline actress!

Elegant, sophisticated and very stylish! It is no coincidence, perhaps, that the authors of the film Adaline - Eternal youth, in theaters starting today, April 24, have thought of her to tell the story of a classy woman with a refined beauty destined to never grow old. The historical protagonist of Gossip Girl in fact, he will play Adalaine, whose private life is intertwined with the history of fashion over the years and the styles that have traveled through it.

On the occasion of this anniversary, we decided to take a look at the wardrobe of Mrs. Reynolds, who recently became a mother, and retrace the dream looks worn over the years by our beloved Serena van der Woodsen. Here are Blake's most beautiful outfits: Isn't she always gorgeous and flawless? We promote it with flying colors!

Watch below the trailer of the film and the "exclusive interview with the actress": Trailer & exclusive interview / Adaline - Eternal youth

© Getty Images All the best looks by Blake Lively

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