BiolFish, from today in Monopoli

The first edition was held under the patronage of the Minister for Policies, Agriculture, Food and Forestry and the Puglia Region and represented a sort of in-depth forum for issues of sustainability in the fishing, aquaculture and organic production sectors.

The objectives of the project can be divided into three main categories: production, market and community.

The first aims to promote organic farming methods in the aquaculture sector and the dissemination of scientific bases to support eco-sustainable production, promote sustainable fishing and improve the quality of fish products.
The second targets the consumer to help him have a conscious approach towards the quality of the products and the local consumption of bio or eco-sustainable products.
Last but not least, its objective is to create a stable network of relations at a territorial level to improve its overall image and enhance it both from a tourist point of view and from a productivity point of view.

The event will take place from 1 to 5 June in Monopoli (BA).

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