Libra: what do the stars say about this sign (and its character)?

Where there is beauty ... there is a Libra person! Whether it's a museum, a theater, a chic shop, a beauty center, a landscape. Vain, refined, sensitive and with a great sense of justice, he is famous for his charm and good relationship with others. Full of positive feelings, Libra is one of the most desired signs ... but in spite of the symbol it represents, it is anything but in balance. Fighting for world peace or buying a Van Gogh painting? What a dilemma!

The character of Libra

Libra natives have a lively intelligence and can have broad and diverse interests. They will prefer artistic pursuits such as music and painting. They will have a great desire for harmony.
Tender and sociable, they hate violent situations and appreciate the flexibility of behavior. Libra, apostle of non-violence, fascinates with its harmonious and seductive physique (according to tradition, isn't Libra the sign of beauty?) And will always be ready to help.
Elegant in behavior, refined in dressing and extroverted, she is a sought-after partner for her flexible mind and the pleasantness of her conversations.
Optimistic, it is easy for Libra to create relationships, find support, people who come to meet them. Carefree and peaceful, Libra's greatest desire is to enjoy and live peacefully. On the other hand, it will be willing to accept compromises to avoid dissensions and too animated discussions.
Always in search of justice, he will react violently when it is threatened. A lucky sign even in risky projects, he will often be helped by circumstances.
Very sentimental, he will experience intense but ephemeral loves and, since he hates loneliness, he will quickly find another partner ...

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The zodiacal profile of Libra

Element: air
Complementary and opposite sign: Aries
Sign: masculine
Metal: copper
Ruling planet: Venus
Color: pastel colours
Parts of the body: breast and stomach
Scent: jasmine
Age of life: transition from youth to maturity
Period of the year: September October
Symbolic phrase: I am

Love and sex

Ruled by Venus like Taurus, Libra is the sign of union and feelings. Love is harmony with people, nature, animals, one or more boyfriends, the whole universe! Loneliness is not a sling, you live to be together and collaborate, in return, it is ready to indulge in body and soul. Something good comes out of every relationship, even when everything falls apart. Nothing scratches the optimistic Libra, who in the case of sex and love never says no!

The profession

Good and reliable in administering money (of others), they could work in the bank or on the stock exchange.Their creative and humanitarian nature leads them to become artists, philanthropists, musicians.

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The Libra woman

She is the charm, the elegance and the beauty. She has that something that seduces all those, men or women, who meet her. Even if she is slim, she will never be too thin, she will always have the right curves: his weapons of seduction, he is selfish and will never deprive himself of anything for anyone.

  • What is it made for?

More combative than the Libra man, she can occupy roles of responsibility and, thanks to her natural seduction power, she knows how to combine a subtle intelligence with a strong psychological sensitivity. However, she will have difficulty managing her job alone, so she will always prefer jobs she will be a shrewd and precious collaborator and she loves worldliness, loves going out, going to the theater and being seen around.

  • How does he love?
    She is very conformist, with legacies of bourgeois moralism, aspires to marriage and will do anything to get there, especially if she is very much in love with a man she admires and puts on a pedestal. She has a hard time getting divorced for fear of what people will say about her and for fear of being alone. Often he will prefer to turn a blind eye to problems, only to take cruel revenge later on.

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The Libra man

He is an elegant, handsome man, he has a seductive smile, an intense gaze, a well-defined mouth. In general, its appearance is flawless and it never falls in style. Like all Libras, he always depends on others, attaches great importance to the judgment of others and does everything he can to always be appreciated, even by uninteresting people.

  • What is it made for?
    First of all, he loves being surrounded by beauty: it is therefore easy for him to take care of an art gallery, or to be an antique dealer or a decorator. He is interested in everything that has to do with fashion and aesthetics, he can be an excellent tailor, or manage a beauty salon or a hairdresser. He is a diplomat and all the professions that allow him to mediate or negotiate are perfect for him. He will be an excellent judge, honest and sensitive, and he will use his insights to go beyond appearances and discover people's true motivations.

  • How does he love?
    His love life is complicated for one simple reason: he hates being pitied and can't say no. So he maintains multiple relationships at a time and endures the torments of his women. Either way, he'll never make the final decision. Choosing means giving up, and giving up on someone he loves and appreciates seems to him a total nonsense.

The symbolic image of Libra

If the balance, intended as a measuring instrument, manages to evoke the incessant duality that characterizes its essence, it is too often forgotten that Libra, although it is a male sign, has Venus as its master and model. A Venus-Aphrodite who does not generously reveal her forms, is less sensual, less voluptuous, more cerebral, aesthetic and refined, sentimental and romantic.

The stars born under the sign of Libra

John Lennon, Mahatma Gandhi, Oscar Wilde, Giuseppe Verdi, Brigitte Bardot, Friedrich Nietzsche ...

The astrocouncil

Going down to Earth every now and then and trying to go beyond appearances ... you could discover an unexpected world!

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