Best Window Treatment Ideas For Your Home


Windows are pivotal to how your homes feel and look. Windows occupy large spaces in your homes and they are one of the first things that people notice about your home. Since this is the case, we ideally should want your windows to give a good first impression of us and improve the aesthetics of your home. Windows are also integral to other things such as safety and security within your homes. The best thing about windows is no matter their size, shape or placement, you can style them to your liking. Window treatment is in vogue in 2018 and the following are the best window treatment ideas in 2018.


Blinds is one option for window treatment which provides great versatility. The following are some examples how you can use blinds for your windows:

  • Wood blinds – Wood blinds are great especially for rooms such as the bedroom where you mostly want to achieve a relaxed and calm feeling. Wood is durable, can match with a lot of other decorations and there are different types of wood giving you maximum options. 
  • Faux Wood blinds – These types of blinds are some of the best in the market. Faux wood blinds are affordable, easy to maintain and durable among other benefits. 
  • Shutters – Shutters are found in many homes mainly due to the privacy and functionality they provide. 
  • Mini blinds – Mini blinds are great if you are on a budget and you want something that is minimalistic yet elegant. They also come in different colors and you can choose the color that fits your decor best.

Window treatment ideas can also be based on the room. For example:

  • Kitchen window treatment – We spend a lot of time in the kitchen and in addition your kitchen is subject to a lot of movements, temperature changes among other activities. You need to get the most appropriate treatment for your kitchen windows. Some great choices are faux wood since they will not fade and are easy to clean. 
  • Bedroom window treatment – The first priority for most people when choosing bedroom window treatment is privacy. You can also choose window treatment for your bedroom windows based on style, lighting and the decoration in your room. 
  • Living room window treatment – The living room is a room where you and your guests spend a lot quality time. Solar shades can work in the living room if you do not want to expose your household stuff such as furniture to excessive sunlight.

Window Treatment for Doors

If you have doors with glass, window treatments will do them a lot of good.

  • Window treatment for sliding doors – Window treatment for sliding doors can be a bit of a challenge for most people but with the range of options out there this should not be the case. Vertical blinds which work just like drapes. Another good option are panel track blinds which affords you the ability to pick different fabric colors.
  • Window treatment for French doors – French doors have a lot of glass so you want to go for something that will effectively filter light. Roller shades do a great job of this while giving you a view of the outside. 
  • Window treatment for patio doors – Like the other doors, you have plenty of options when it comes to patio doors. One great option is vertical cellular shades which will enable you to control the room temperatures.

Window treatment ideas can also be based on the size or shape of the window.

  • Window treatment for tall windows – Tall windows give you a lot of space to experiment and let your innovation take charge. No matter the type of window treatment method you choose, motorization should be considered here since some windows might be too large to operate manually.
  • Window treatment for large windows – Large windows can let in too much light than is necessary and to cover for this you need solutions such as vertical blinds. Large windows also provide you with an option of styling your windows using fabrics of your choice.

All these are some of the top window treatment ideas for 2018. If you are unsure of the type window treatment to choose, one tip you should remember is that you should aim to match your floor type and the window treatment. For more on flooring information you can visit Best Flooring at