Michelle and Barack Obama are a perfect couple: here is the evidence

He makes declarations of love to her in public

Barack Obama is an eternal romantic. From Ellen DeGeneres, on the occasion of Valentine's Day, he declared (again) his love for Michelle: "I've made a lot of important decisions since becoming president but the best one has been to choose you. Thanks for being by my side. I love you'.

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They don't hide

If the Kiss Cam turns on (a special camera that invites you to kiss) they are always the first to take the initiative!

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She supports him

Ever since Barack entered politics, Michelle has fearlessly supported him. She is always by her side and takes her role very seriously. We recall a tweet in which the First Lady declared "The Première dame voted for Barack Obama for the same reason she married him: his person. "

The First Lady voted for @BarackObama for the same reason she married him — his character. http://t.co/6MXRyZOl, pic.twitter.com/dQDAdvDb

- Michelle Obama (@MichelleObama) November 6, 2012
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Their daughters come first

Barack tends to pamper his daughters a lot, travel by helicopter and meet Beyoncé, while Michelle prefers to keep them grounded.
One thing is certain: they both want girls to be happy.

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They don't take themselves too seriously

They decorate the White House on Halloween, they lend themselves to "Ice Bucket Challenge for charity, they dance together for a good cause.
They have fun and never forget about others.

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They take time for them

A basketball game, a dinner at a restaurant, a walk in nature. Barack and Michelle, despite being super busy, always find time for a date!

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They compliment each other a lot

When they are in public they exchange sweet words while in front of the microphones they never stop remembering how crazy they are about each other.

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"You too, honey"

They are accomplices

Wink, smiles and a knowing look: these are the ways in which they show their affection.
It is evident: they love each other very much and seriously!

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They respect each other

If Barack Obama is the president of the USA, Michelle is the boss at home and he knows it. Always from Ellen DeGeneres, the president stated "You know, after fifteen years of marriage, I realized that she was right about everything. So now, I've stopped fighting'.

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"I would not be the" man I am without the woman who agreed to marry me 20 years ago "

They have common projects

In 2017, the couple will leave the White House, and the future ex-president talked about his plans from David Letterman. "I'll do exactly what I did before: look for ways to help people, help girls get an education, get as many people as possible to get jobs'.
And, needless to say, Michelle is no exception.

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