Backpacking: what it means to be a backpacker and how to become one

Has it ever happened to you that someone said to you: “I will do this holiday in perfect backpacking style”? Probably yes, because the meaning of the term is very simple and means "backpacker"!
C "and those who decide to leave with the suitcase and those who prefer to use the backpack. As for me, and surely you have already understood, I am a backpacker inside and since I said a big HELLO to the suitcase my travel style has completely overturned! Today I will explain to you what it means to be a backpacker and what you have to do to be a backpacker too, if you like what I will tell you because this philosophy of travel is not liked by everyone but it is certainly one of the best ways to heal the " soul and find yourself. Let's get started baby!

What it means to be a backpacker: how to become a backpacker female traveler

Before starting let me reassure you about one thing: everyone has their own way of traveling. There is no better way than the other because we all need to meet different needs. The important thing is to do it. The journey has no rules, it must always leave us something positive; it is a way to color our life even more and to build new memories and new bridges so travel as you want and not be influenced by anyone. What I will tell you today will only help you to understand one of the many ways to travel and its benefits but it is only up to you to decide to test it and make it yours.

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Low budget
The first requirement that distinguishes the backpacker from the various travel niches is the budget which is always very low.
All the backpackers I have met in my life as a traveler have started with the focus of spending as little as possible in order to travel longer. In short, they are constantly looking for strategies to find the hostel, the street food stand and the means to move that costs less than all.
Being a backpacker means setting yourself a daily, monthly, weekly expense which you cannot avoid! Obviously, everything must be proportionate to the place / places that you intend to visit with this travel method. Not all countries will allow you to stay within the lines so remember to set a reasonable budget.


Ah baby, adaptability is perhaps the hardest thing to cultivate to become a full-fledged backpacker. This quality requires you to have an open mind and be able to swallow all the facets that travel will put on your plate. Now I'll give you some examples: having a spirit of adaptation means opting for ramshackle public transport, sometimes without air conditioning and without a comfortable seat that cradles our B-side for the duration of the trip, means choosing a light luggage and filling it with the minimum. essential, walk often to save money you would otherwise have to give to Uber, sleep in the cheapest hostels ever, eat in local markets or street food and much more.
And don't tell me it's a way to travel only for young people because my better half is just 49 years old and is an incredible backpacker