Baby shower: how to give the perfect gift to those who are pregnant

If you're looking for the perfect gift for your BFF's baby shower, but you've never been to a baby shower or have no idea which product would be most useful, don't worry - we've got the list of products any new parent needs. have absolutely and we tell you where to buy them at really affordable prices!

Some useful tips for those who want to make the perfect gift for a baby shower:

1. The gift list is always considered a priority! Try to buy the best model requested (it takes a bit of research) and, in case you find something that you think would be useful, but it is not in the gift list, always try to ask future parents before making the purchase. .
2. A little advice from those who know it is very important: if there is no gift list, try asking the parents before making the purchase or ask for some advice from experienced parents.
3. Try to surprise the parents: practical, high-quality and very useful gifts for the baby's routine will always be appreciated!

What are the products most desired by those who are pregnant?

The most desired gifts obviously start from utility: the most popular are baby carriers, followed by care and wellness products and finally functional products such as seats, cots and nursing pillows.

We have found the best product offers on Amazon to help you find the perfect gift for a baby shower even if you are not an expert in the world of children! From seats to bottles, buy all the best baby products on Amazon discounted up to 58%!

Lictin baby carrier


The Lictin baby carrier is the product with the best value for money on Amazon: it costs less than € 30 and is the perfect model to carry the baby on short walks because it can support a weight from 3.5 to 15kg.Its quick-drying wool construction is non-sticky and non-itchy to babies' delicate skin and its ergonomic design allows you to carry your baby in front of you or on your shoulders and creates an optimal angle to reduce back pain.

Buy on Amazon for € 29.99

Nani car seat


The Nani car seat is ideal for the first years of a child's life. Suitable to withstand weights from 0 to 25kg, this model is a must have for adventurous parents who love to travel by car and want to take their puppy around the world! It has an anatomical format, suitable for the small body of the child and its angle is ideal for keeping him lying down and protecting his head. And the price is super affordable: it costs less than € 100, which is rare in online offers.

Buy on Amazon for € 42.99

Chicco bottle sterilizer


The Chicco sterilizer is really a life saver for all new parents: this product is able to sterilize up to 99.9% of the germs that can form in the baby's bottle and pacifier and guarantees up to 24 hours of protection of the objects. The Chicco sterilizer that we recommend is compatible with most bottles, breast pumps and baby accessories available on the market. It has a 3-in-1 function: full size version (able to hold up to 6 bottles of bottles together with the teats), compact version (sterilizes only the lids and teats) and the microwave version, which allows you to sterilize the bottle also when you are away from home. Buy the sterilizer on Amazon with a 37% discount!

Buy on Amazon for € 45.49 (37% discount)

Philips Avent bottle set


Baby bottles are a must-have for any newborn and are quite expensive when purchased separately. That said, the Philips Avent bottle set is just the ideal gift: the package contains 4 Natural model bottles, 1 orthodontic pacifier and a brush for cleaning objects free all products are made of 100% BPA-free plastic. The quality of the Philips Avent brand is indisputable: all bottles have an anatomical shape that is easy to grip and a system with a double anti-colic valve that eliminates air bubbles while the baby sucks. And finally, the pacifier with symmetrical and flat teat respects the natural development of the palate, teeth and gums Buy it now with a 24% discount.

Buy on Amazon for € 26.56 (24% discount)

Hauck Travel Cot


Still a perfect product for traveling parents: the Hauck portable cot is not only light and practical to assemble and disassemble, but it is also ideal for the baby's moments of rest. It is a camping cot, with windows that allow air circulation and visibility of the baby leaving him feeling safer and more peaceful. It is very spacious: 120 x 60 cm, includes a mattress and can support a child up to 15kg. In addition, it is a Great deal! With the 58% discount offered on Amazon, it costs only € 22.99 !!

Buy on Amazon for € 22.99 (58% discount)

Ergonomic maternity pillow


The comfort of the mother is the comfort of the baby. In the last weeks of pregnancy, the mother is tired and has difficulty sleeping well. An ergonomic maternity pillow in this case can really be a welcome gift! It can also be used after childbirth to make breastfeeding more comfortable. For this, we recommend this ergonomic maternity pillow that easily adapts to mothers' curves and is able to keep them comfortable in different positions. It is one of the best sellers on Amazon. , with a rating of 4 out of 5 stars and more than 50 reviews.

Buy on Amazon for € 21.99 <

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