5 reasons why having a good friend changes your life

Having a good friend changes your life, there is little to do. Some prefer to have a good friend over a good boyfriend, others are "sweetie" teams and still others, they would not know how to choose between two of the most important people in their life .
One thing is certain, for two, life is much, much more fun.

  1. · 1. He knows you very well
  2. · 2. Live the same experiences
  3. · 3. It is perfect for beauty care evenings
  4. · 4. C "is always a plus 1
  5. · 5. You know that wherever you are going, you are not going alone

1. He knows you very well

If you've known each other for a long time, you can be silent for hours, and while you don't say a word to each other, you both know exactly what's wrong, whether it's about work, health issues or arguing with parents.
If, on the other hand, you haven't known each other for some time ... You may need a few more words, but at the end of the conversation you will certainly feel understood.

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2. Live the same experiences

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If you are the same age, you are both in it. You are both looking for work, or both of you have found it, and are grappling with a whole new office life. If your ages are different, most of the things experienced by one, sooner or later, will be part of the experience of the other: the first sentimental disappointment, the first request for a raise, the first installment of the mortgage ...

3. It is perfect for beauty care evenings

Many of us are convinced that a face mask can straighten a bad day. To date, science does not agree with them but we are sure that, when we feel more beautiful, everything around us seems more beautiful too.
A "friend is the one who comes to you with fabric masks and threatens to post on Instagram the photos of you looking like two mummies. Maybe she won't, but you will live in terror because you will never know if and when she decides to go public. the photos.

4. C "is always a plus 1

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Do you have in mind those parties to which they invite you and to which you would never find the strength to go alone? Here, with her you have found the most ideal one. You will be supporting each other if you are single and you will be supportive if you are not chasing men. In any case, you will have someone you can count on for the duration of the event.

5. You know that wherever you are going, you are not going alone

Okay, that's a Gossip Girl line and it's awfully true. At the end of the day, the most important things are two: to be whole and to know that, whatever happens, there is someone in the world ready to put our pieces back together.

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