8 exercises to increase self-esteem!

One of the keys to living a happy and fulfilling life is to have good self-esteem. Loving ourselves and giving ourselves the right value allows us to fully enjoy the experiences we have, to reach desired goals and objectives with greater ease and to live a life of rich and satisfying relationships. But what does it mean to have good self-esteem? Know yourself, your limits and your qualities, accept yourself in every aspect, take care of yourself and work every day in this direction, giving yourself permission to truly deserve what you want and be happy.

As anticipated, having good self-esteem also allows us to have healthy and lasting relationships that help make us better people and enrich us more every day. But is it possible to increase self-esteem or is it an impossible feat? Do not worry, there are effective methods that can teach us love for ourselves, coming to have an ever greater awareness of what we are and the potential we have within us. Basically, it is about wearing the right lenses to look at ourselves. in the correct way, without underestimating ourselves or filtering everything with a negative or judgmental veneer.

But how to increase self-esteem? First of all, it must be said that to succeed, you need to commit yourself every day, get used to taking care of yourself in the right way and start thinking in a more virtuous and positive way. It is basically a rich and full path of satisfactions that will gradually help us to climb the steps of self-esteem, until we reach a true knowledge and self-awareness.
Below we suggest 8 exercises to increase self-esteem and learn to love each other to live a peaceful and fulfilling life.

1. Make a list of your qualities

Grab a pen and paper and write a list of your qualities. Do this exercise in a quiet time: relax and try to focus on the positive aspects of you and your character. Try to get to at least 5 adjectives or qualities, and don't be too hard on yourself: give yourself the opportunity to see the beauty that is in you. This is a useful exercise to become aware of our positive sides, which very often we do not see or forget that we have, focusing instead on shortcomings, defects and imperfections.

Now, copy your list on a post-it and stick it in a place you can see often: in your agenda, on your desk, on your bedroom door, in short, anywhere, as long as you often remember what are the most beautiful things. of you.

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2. Remember some of the successes you have achieved in your life

To increase self-esteem, in addition to becoming aware of one's qualities, it is good to focus on the successes achieved and the beautiful things that have been built over the years. action that made you proud. We often tend to forget about it, but it is good to remind ourselves of all the small steps forward we have made over time and the small great victories that have made us what we are today.

3. Remind yourself of moments and episodes when you were happy and satisfied

To increase self-esteem, you need to put positive energies into circulation. Remind yourself of the times you were happy. Try to think about where you were, who you were with, what you were doing. Savor those feelings and try to introduce as much as possible. in your routine those actions It is essential to do the things we love and that make us feel good, if you want to increase self-esteem and love for yourself!

4. Every night, before going to bed, write down 2/3 situations in which you liked yourself during the day

Keep a notebook on the bedside table and every night, before falling asleep, write down 2-3 situations in which you liked yourself during the day just passed. They can also be small and not particularly significant: the important thing is to focus on a positive image of yourself. In this way, you will be able to fall asleep on sweet and positive thoughts, and this will also affect your rest and the feelings related to it.

It is very important to have positive thoughts before falling into the arms of Morpheus ... why not give it a try, then?

5. Practice often something you enjoy doing and do well

To build self-esteem, let's start with the things we love and that we do well! Make a list of the things and actions you love to do and that are good for you, then make sure you dedicate yourself to these activities consistently. Introduce them as much as possible into your routine and try not to neglect them. They can also be small gestures that have a positive impact on your mood, helping you to have a positive perception of yourself. Whether it's cooking, gardening, reading or just taking a relaxing shower with your music favorite in the background, everything is valid if the goal is to pamper yourself and remind yourself of the pleasure of successfully carrying out pleasant activities.

6. Create a little new habit every day

To believe in yourself and increase self-esteem, it is necessary to test yourself with small obstacles that can cost us a bit of effort but which, if overcome, will help us to increase our self-esteem, making us more and more invincible. Do something every day that makes you a little uncomfortable and that stimulates a pinch of fear: getting out of the comfort zone is the first step to feel good about yourself and increase self-awareness. Establish small daily tests to overcome and give yourself the opportunity to be amazed at yourself. The change sends back a positive image of yourself, as well as reminding you of the courage you have shown and that you are able to show off if you really want it!

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7. Learn to love your body with small exercises in the mirror

Loving and accepting each other, with strengths and weaknesses, is another key rule for achieving good self-esteem. Well, transform the mirror from a feared enemy to an indulgent ally and trusted friend. Look in the mirror and start looking at your face, then , shift your attention to the body. What sensations do you feel? What do you like about yourself? And what do you find it hard to accept? Dwell on the latter. Look at them with a less critical and more indulgent gaze, with a veil of tenderness: you are also in those aspects. Accept them and smile, as you do it, repeat this sentence: These are the parts of me that I have always liked least, but they are mine and I like them anyway, I accept them anyway!

8. Each day, write down three things you are grateful for

Gratitude helps to multiply joy and brings positive and virtuous energy into circulation. Focusing on the beautiful things we have and are grateful for only attracts positive thoughts, which translate into gestures and actions filled with happiness. In fact, we often focus on what we lack or on the negative things around us: here is the mistake! Instead, try to remind yourself of everything that is beautiful about you. Every day, better in the evening, think about three things you are grateful for: they can also be small and seemingly insignificant. Create your own diary of gratitude: update it every day and if you happen to be down, open it and browse it to remind you of how much beauty you are surrounded by!

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