Too much work? Watch out for the horns!

Oh yes ... It seems that working too much hurts couple fidelity. Who says that?, a reference site for cheating men from all over the world.

The conclusion reached by the site is the result of a survey that showed how those who are too busy from a work point of view, those who hold a role of great responsibility and those who are heavily stressed by commitments are more prone to betrayal or famous " escapades ”, which represent a way to escape from the stressful daily routine.

And who is subjected to greater stress and work commitment? Not the great managers, as you might think, but those in intermediate positions and more prone to anxiety about deadlines and to suffer the pressure of orders from their superiors.

What links work and infidelity would still be of a scientific nature, as also reported by the Harvard University Review study, which demonstrates how the ability to self-control depends on the amount of glucose in the blood.

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"When self-control is exercised - explains Noel Biderman, CEO of - glucose levels drop, while sleep restores them. This means that if strong self-control helps individuals resist temptation, a lack of rest can push them to be more indulgent with themselves, to the point of betraying their partner. "

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