Help, I'm blushing!

Don't listen to your feelings

You have a phobia of blushing, at the slightest emotion you fear becoming all red: hot flashes, palpitations, patches on the skin. In reality, unless you are in front of a mirror, you don't know if you are blushing or not, then don't panic, it will only make it worse.

Accept your emotions

You don't have to be ashamed of expressing your emotions, even if unintentionally! Play down and learn to show what you feel without embarrassment, you will see that little by little your fears will vanish.

Learn to breathe

When you are faced with an intimidating situation your body manifests your fear and your stress, your emotions take over and paralyze you. The time has come to regain control of the situation. Do some breathing exercises every day, in a calm place and for at least 5 minutes: inhale with the belly and exhale deeply. You can also indulge in yoga.

The next time you have the impression of blushing, relax, breathe deeply and calmly and, to lessen the tension, think of something pleasant.

Create a diversion

Are you starting to blush? Bite the inside of the cheek or pinch the earlobe: the body will focus on the pain and forget the anxiety of the moment.

Distance yourself

You are paralyzed by the fear of ridicule and you give too much importance to the judgment of others, you are assaulted by negative thoughts as soon as you feel in trouble: "I'll never make it", "My ideas don't interest anyone", "They'll never take me seriously"… Think objectively: do you really think everyone is watching you? Relativize: you are not in the center of the world.

Need help?

If your problem persists despite our advice and you just can't take it anymore, consult a doctor, dermatologist or shyness specialist.

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