Here comes Zyxelle®, the pill for the pill

The contraceptive pill is a great invention and comfort, right? Unfortunately, however, we often have to deal with its side effects: water retention, decreased libido, swelling, headache, complications in pregnancy, etc.

And it is perhaps precisely to avoid these consequences that, according to an ISTAT survey, in Italy only 15.3% of women between 15 and 44 years use the pill and this places us at the bottom of the industrialized countries, for the use of contraceptives. hormonal.

The concerns (cited by 1 in 5 women) concern the onset of tumors, thrombosis, circulatory problems, the risk of reducing one's fertility, decreased libido, breast tenderness, migraine, weight gain and retention.

The news is that ZYXELLE®, the first food supplement designed for those undergoing treatment with hormonal contraceptives, is now available in Italian pharmacies.

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What does he do? Zyxelle® is a food supplement based on vitamins, minerals and Centella Asiatica specially developed to ensure maximum well-being for women who take the contraceptive pill.

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Currently the only product of its kind, Zyxelle® has been formulated to eliminate the common discomforts reported by women users and which often also coincide with the widespread fears of those who prefer not to take hormone-based contraceptives, due to the related risks.

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