Furnish with brown

Natural and exotic

Dark brown is the color of the earth and expresses a need for security and stability. Combined with a plant decoration it will bring nature into your rooms. If you want to create a peasant atmosphere, alternate light shades (like a jute sack) and dark shades (raw wood).

Dark brown can also add an exotic touch to your decor, thanks to colonial-style furniture, African masks or Moroccan-inspired upholstery…

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Reassuring and warm

Dark brown creates a welcoming atmosphere and is therefore particularly appropriate for very large rooms that often lack human warmth. Like gray, black and white, dark brown is a neutral color that gives a sense of stability and balance. The color of leather and hazelnuts also suggests an idea of ​​wealth and opulence.

What colors to match it with

This neutral but deep color softens the transition from warm to cold tones, preventing the eye from being attacked by too obvious a contrast. To create a sophisticated and restful environment, dark brown can be associated with beige, cream, sand color but also green and very light blue. If, on the other hand, you want a more dynamic environment, combine it with more intense colors, such as fuchsia, anise green or turquoise.

In many situations, dark brown can effectively replace black, as it expresses the same sense of seriousness but in a more calm and gentle way. In the wake of the interest in protecting the environment and the growing need to get closer to nature, nowadays dark brown is often associated with floral motifs, to express a festive and natural environment in all simplicity.

In which rooms?

Presented in the form of natural or raw materials (wood, hemp…), dark brown is perfect in the living room, kitchen or bedroom, provided these rooms are well lit. We recommend it especially in the living area, where it creates a welcoming atmosphere. It even seems that shades of dark brown are inviting to rest, so why not use it in rooms devoted to some rather lively activities? It will also look good in the living room, especially if combined with lighter or very vivid colors.


- Dark brown will be less vibrant if the room is rather dark.

- All dark shades are very trendy, but only if they are enriched by some details of a more intense color.

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