Furnish in orange

From Hinduism to the 1970s

Orange has always been the symbolic color ofHinduism and in Ayurvedic medicine it represents the second chakra, that of creativity. It is perceived as a purifying fire, a liberating force. In Europe this color spread with the importation of the first oranges in the 11th century. We also find it on the Irish flag, where it represents the Protestant religion.

In the 50s we witness the triumph of orange, which will reach its apogee in the 70s: in this period orange is the color of renewal, of political liberation (the orange revolution) and of sexual liberation (riots of 68 ). Nowadays, however, this color is used to signal a danger. We find it in the traffic lights, on the SOS columns in the emergency areas of the motorways, etc. .. but it is also the color of theAutumn.

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Where to use it at home?

Orange stimulates attention without exciting it and is therefore suitable for rooms that require concentration (study, office ...), but you can also use it in the rooms where you welcome guests, such as thesitting room, the living room, the dining room or the entrance ... Concentrated in a good mood, orange is perfect for decorating the bedrooms of teenagers. We do not recommend using it in the kitchen, unless you are on a diet, because it tends to take away the appetite!

What colors to match it with?

Avoid associating it with the White, you would get a rather dull effect, and the same goes for red, purple and yellow. To create a pop and fun decor you can combine orange with pistachio green or al electric blue, while if you associate it with black it will look even brighter and add liveliness to the room. If you want an interior with natural tones, very fashionable at the moment, you can combine an apricot color with a beige, you will see how wonderful!

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