Power of the moon crystal: Sailor Moon's wedding ring that drives us crazy!

If you intend to marry under the sign of the champion of justice (who dresses sailor-style) then perhaps they invented the ring for you! The reasons why Sailor Moon has made us better women are not few, so we can understand you if you already have all the brushes signed Sailor, or if you have the make up of the Princess of the Moon ... and even more we can not blame you if in the end you will manipulate your him to have a Sailor engagement ring, threatening him to finish his proposal like this, look:

The Sailor Moon ring

The Japanese site bandai-fashion.jp has launched the Sailor Moon engagement ring: for stellar (or better said lunar) marriage proposals. Inspired by the colors of the very famous manga and cartoon of the 90s, the ring it refers to one of the most eternal and romantic loves of all, the one between Marzio and Bunny, who find themselves on another planet after a long time without memory and still fall in love with each other even though they do not know they are predestined.

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The details on the ring

The ring is found in the silver and platinum variants in a romantic "heart crystal case" box that already contains the proposal written inside, only in American style: that is c "is the words" Let "s get married, USA "inside" the ring holder box. But let's see the prices for the proposal of your dreams: the platinum version costs about 1,500 dollars, while the silver version only costs 260 (much more affordable price!). From 1 July 2018 it is possible to pre-order it on the site and shipments will start all over the world from August: so patience a little longer, and your Marzio will knock on your door complete with a red rose and ring!

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