7 types of love that, unfortunately or fortunately, you will feel in your life

Love is the motionless engine that makes the world work. The problem is that there are an infinity of types of love and that, as this video shows, some are much, much better than others ...

  1. · 1. Universal love
  2. · 2. The love that does not ask
  3. · 3. The first love
  4. · 4. Erotic love
  5. · 5. Obsessive love
  6. · 6. Love for you
  7. · 7. Platonic love

Below you will find 7 types of love that you will most likely encounter over the years.

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1. Universal love

There is not an explanation for everything. There are men, or women, who come into our life suddenly and to whom we feel a sudden closeness, as if we had already made a piece of the journey together and what we are experiencing today is nothing else. than the continuation of something that has already existed.
Universal love is what reminds us that nothing happens by chance.

2. The love that does not ask

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It is a love in which you give yourself without reserve, without thinking. It is a magical and spiritual love and it happens when you stop forgetting about yourself to give everything to the other person, knowing that your better half will do the same. It is a pure love that does not ask for anything, but which, however, gives you everything.

3. The first love

First love isn't necessarily the first person you kissed that you slept with, but it's that person who, despite time and distance, still seems to know you. He is a person who has helped you understand who you are and on whom you know you can count on whatever happens, even if it's been years since your last meeting.

4. Erotic love

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Have you ever been attracted to someone without feeling any feeling towards them, to desire them without thinking about anything else? This is what happens in erotic love, an outpouring of instincts that are inherent in man, and in woman, of course. Erotic love is very sensual and, very often, involves the realization of particular fantasies.

5. Obsessive love

Obsessive love hurts because it is selfish. We feel incomplete and we do everything possible to fill the emptiness we think we have inside, although this will end up hurting both you and those around you. It is based on the mechanism of "not feeling enough" and, unfortunately, it is difficult for it to have a positive outcome.

6. Love for you

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It is necessary if you want to be really comfortable with yourself but, unfortunately, not all of us are lucky enough to experience it. Self-love is to realize that despite all the battles you have had to fight, the disappointments, and maybe even a few tears , you are there and you are still whole: what matters at the end of a hard day.

7. Platonic love

Platonic love never goes on the physical plane but it is equally fulfilling because it reminds you on a daily basis that you are not alone. Everyone has a different definition of love and, of course, what you feel for your friends is also love, it's just different from what you share with your family and your partner.

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