5 cool diaries that will make you start the year in the best way

2019 is coming and we have realized that during the year we have left a lot of things pending: the gym, that unpaid bill, the trip organized with your friend ... The new year brings 365 new days with new opportunities for realize all our dreams and goals and nothing better than an "agenda to help us organize them and focus on our achievements!"

If you, like us, feel inspired to make your dreams fly, this list of the hottest diaries available on Amazon is ideal for you! We will start 2019 on the right foot!

For Harry Potter fans: 2019 Moleskine weekly planner

Harry Potter fans can't miss this opportunity: Moleskine has created a "pocket weekly diary dedicated to JK Rowling's best-selling book series. The diary has a lot of useful tools like planning, time zones, international measures, prefixes. and flight times. That's everything a true Harry Potter fan needs to plan their adventures! But, in case you prefer other literary characters, you can find other planner options on Amazon inspired by Peanuts and Piccolo Prince.

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Girl Power: Frida Kahlo's agenda

Icon of feminism of our time, Frida Kahlo was an original, daring and extremely ahead of her time woman. With this magnificent agenda from Grupo Erik you will be able to take with you all the beauty of his works and the strength of his ideas. And you can use it right away: the calendar runs from September 2018 to December 2019, so it is the ideal agenda to start planning during the end of the year holidays. Its dimensions (16.50 x 20cm) are perfect to keep it in your bag wherever you go, take advantage of the special offer on Amazon and save 27% on the agenda dedicated to Frida Kahlo.

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For regular travelers: the weekly diary with globe

If knowing the world is your priority for 2019, this planner will be your best companion! With pages for monthly and weekly organization, this template will make your life a lot easier. It also includes maps of Paris, New York and London and offers a section for must-see addresses and other travel notes

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Mr. Wonderful Agenda 2019: "The thousand and two hundred things I will be able to do"

"2019 comes with 365 opportunities to become whoever you want"

The Mr. Wonderful 2019 agenda will be your best ally for the coming year. Each page has small phrases that will give you the motivation you need to face the challenges of your day.

This agenda is divided into weeks, from January to December 2019, making it easier to organize your work week. The package contains advice, information on special films and cute stickers to highlight the most important days.

It's the perfect diary for writing “The Thousand Things You Will Be Able to Do.” This is your year!

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Daily planner "Live in the moment"

If you are better off organizing the whole week by keeping all your appointments in one sheet, the "Live in the moment" daily planner is ideal for you. Its hard cover is durable, so you can take it with you without worrying about ruining it. and its measures (13 x 18 cm) are ideal for writing all your notes without the risk that you will run out of space.There is also a monthly plan and a space to report your goals for the year.

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