Flying Baby Bump: This mom-to-be's stunts are amazing!

Exercising while pregnant is not always recommended: you have to respect some rules, as the fitness guru in the video explains.

These rules apparently don't apply to Lizzy Tomber, the acroyoga specialist. It is a combination of yoga and acrobatic figures and, when Lizzy found out she was pregnant, she continued to practice it thanks to the help of her husband and of course, the advice of her doctor.
The result is these funny and ... super acrobatic images!

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Lizzy and her husband met thanks to Acropedia, a community that brings together people passionate about this discipline. It might seem dangerous but behind every photo there is hard and constant work, supported by Lizzy's doctor.
The woman hopes that her son will one day get closer to this wonderful sport: "It's great to see people supporting each other. We would love it if our son could embrace acroyoga too!'

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