Micellar water: 5 good reasons to include it in your beauty routine

There is a lot of talk about it but not everyone knows what micellar water is and what exactly it is used for.

Let's start by saying that it is a skin cleansing product, capable of deep cleansing without affecting the hydro-lipid barrier of the dermis. It looks like a real water inside which contains molecules, micelles, which "breaking" release substances that can eliminate even the most resistant makeup.

Precisely for this reason it is very appreciated by models, who have to undergo continuous make-up sessions and therefore need a delicate product that leaves the skin fresh and always ready for a new make-up.

But there are many reasons for using micellar water, here are 5 fundamental ones:

1- No rinsing needed

There is no need to rinse it as it leaves no residue and is not oily. However, a splash of thermal water is recommended at the end.

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2- It's multitasking

The micellar water, in a single pass, removes make-up, cleanses, hydrates and tones.

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3- One for every need

The micellar waters are enriched with various ingredients according to the needs of the skin, soothing plant extracts to soothe redness, astringent substances for oily skin and vitamins to nourish the driest ones.

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4- It weighs less on the budget

It is in fact considered a 3-in-1 product as it does the “job” of cleanser, tonic and eye make-up remover.

5- For sensitive skin

Micellar water is also suitable for the most delicate skins in need of attention and care.